Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

There was a slight chance we were going to go on our first road trip as a family of six back to A-Town, but I just didn't have it in me to pack everyone up after having just been gone to California.  We decided to stay put and I think it was the right decision with weather being what it was, back and forth, nice, not nice, windy...

We enjoyed a busy and low-key weekend with lots of family moments!

I think this was from a different weekend, but a worthy pic nonetheless.  Daddy dressed him, John Deere, in honor of his Great Grandpa!

 I just love his mouth, and pretty much all of him! My little man!
 Chins for days
 Saturday morning it was time to release Sally's butterflies.  I was surprised by how excited she was to let them go, I thought she would try to negotiate to keep them.  She's maturing, most days, taking on the role as the biggest sister and she's rocking it!

 Sally can tell you many facts about Butterflies! I was so glad she was able to hold one!

The Girls and Daddy went up to the tennis court to hit some balls

 Hudson turned 5 and the Johnsons had some neighbors over for a dance party and s'mores to celebrate.  Miss Emma, hoping to be a big kid
 It's not easy getting this crew together to all look at the camera and smile :)
 and then Mike joined in

 Sunday marked 3 weeks of Sally's ear piercing which meant she was allowed to switch her earrings.  She quickly learned to trust and let her Mom help.  She's hoping to build up the confidence to switch them again to her butterfly earrings, stay tuned. These were her cross earrings with the matching necklace she got from Nana and Grandpa for her 1st Communion
 The Bigs getting to ditch rest time and bike to a park with Daddy.

 She gets jokes and sarcasm and it's pretty funny.  Moments after this picture she said "Okay, let's count to 3 and we'll both go down. 1-2-3," and she sent Reid down solo and she laughed and laughed and retold the story over and over
 Little Man suiting up for the windy adventure to the park, hat and a little jean jacket!
 Ribs for dinner, their favorite, they can dig in and get messy, some like this more than others
 Giggles and sillies with Mommy


The cardinal is almost always around

Hanging with their Caterpillar buddy, "Speedy Lucky Craigwood"
 Daddy made 3 trips to Target in 3 days.  One of the trips he was texting me and I told him I was trying to visualize what they looked like walking through the store and then he said they didn't have a cart and then I got this picture...glad they can have fun doing errands for me
 Little Big Man testing out his Bumbo, don't be fooled, he can't last for more than a few minutes before his head is too heavy.  Seriously though, how cute is he?!
 and then we had a little nook on our patio hidden from the wind and we ended the holiday weekend with a fire. Mmmmmmmmmm summer!

Happy June!

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