Monday, June 19, 2017

Last day of 2nd Grade

Whoops, it's been 2 weeks since I updated.

1. It's summer, we're outside as much as we can be
2. All 4 are home
3. Last week Daddy was gone for 5 days for a work trip to Texas
4. I finally started reading for pleasure again, so any free time I had/have I read my book.  I finished it.  It was wonderful, highly recommend it. Wildflower Hill.  Thank Mom!
5. Follow me on Instagram/Instastories and you'll stay up to date ;)

Reeeeeeeeeeewinding to 2 weeks ago when Miss Sally finished up her 2nd grade year!

on the eve of the last day, Sally's school has a tradition of playing a big kickball tournament.  Sally was on the Light Blue team.  We were able to come and watch her first game.  She did great!

Making it home!
 Sally and Layla on the same team!
 I don't know why it took me so long to think of this, and really, I didn't, Sally did.  The cat nap right before dinner/right during dinner prep isn't not the easiest time to try and get Mason down for a nap, but it helps to make it to his bedtime of 6/630.  Sally offered to do it and it was glorious! Unfortunately we haven't had to have a repeat since because Mason pretty much puts himself to sleep now.  We're excited to have more of Sally around during the summer!

 Ready to move on to 3rd grade!
 She grew so much in her knowledge of her Catholic Faith
 1st day vs Last day
 She can't wait to spend more time with her brother
 It's going to be a fun summer!
 1st day vs last day :)
 It dawned on me that it was also the last day that Emma and Libby would have, without Sally.
 They play really great together when it's just the 2 of them
 The Buelows had a kick off to summer BBQ, it was great! Thank you so much for hosting!!
 After hours of agonizing, Sally finally let me pull out her top tooth that was basically all the way out.  I knew it would come down to food ;)  She wanted to be able to enjoy her yummy dinner!
 Some of the kids table!
 action shot!
 They were maybe playing color-wheel
 The good ol' hand tapping game :)
 Chuck loves his Babies and Mason loves his Chuck!
 Cheers to a great year Miss Sally Ann! You make being a parent of a student so easy! Thanks for paving the way for your siblings!

3rd grade, it sounds so old to me.  She is so old! But first, summer, hopefully a relaxing one as I purposely didn't sign the kiddos up for a lot.  Afterall, they only get 18 summers!

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