Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mason's a third of a year old

FOUR months, how, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??

I'm aware that I have yet to write up his birth story.  I had it in my mind I would try for his 4 month post.  Guess that's not happenin'.  Sorry.

Sooooo pictures with updated stats and achievements will have to do.

He still continues to be such a gem.  So calm and chill.

Sally and Mason got to pair their well visits.  Sally's yearly physical and Mason's 4 month well visit.

Both and very healthy!

Mason's Stats:
Weight: 15lbs 11 oz --72%
Height: 25.75inches--83%
Head: 17.25inches--89%

Yep, he's basically a 9 month old.  The Doc accidentally asked if he had any teeth yet, because at first glance she thought it was in for his 9 month well-visit...

 Sally's stats:
Weight: 65%
Height: 47%

The Doc predicted her to be between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 6 inches.

 He found his voice and he loves to talk


He continues to be a good sleepers, with a few minor hiccups this past week, but I think it's part of the 4 month sleep regression/learning to roll.

He mostly puts himself to sleep when he goes down.

He sleeps 12 hours at night waking 1-2 times.  Usually 7hrs in and then 4 hrs. He takes 3-4 naps during the day ranging from 45 minutes-3 hours.

Proof he is just so great, all of his 4 month pics...not a bad one
 He recently has taken a nuk---what?  Not all the time, but some times.  Maybe teething? Lots of drool and hands, both of them, always in the mouth
 You can almost always get a smile and a laugh out of him
 He loves all of his sisters and has a unique bond with each one.  He knows the moment Daddy gets home from work
 He loves going for walks, taking a bath, peek-a-boo, his swing, trying to always sit up.  Getting used to his bumbo. I guess if he had to have something he didn't like it would be when his shirt gets stuck over his big head ;)  He just goes with whatever


 The first time I found him on his back from sleeping....yesssssssss, he's a craigmile, he sleeps on his tummy


 These two are going to be inseparable. Especially being the only two home this Fall.
 She calls him Mase Mase

Never gets old, could listen to baby giggles all day every day


We love you more and more every day, Sweet Baby Boy!!

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