Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SInk or Swim

I kicked off our 1st week of summer with all 4 home, all day, every day, with Reid on a work trip...

Sink or swim, baby.  Taking this week as a badge of freaking honor.  I kicked it's butt ;)

Taking 4 kiddos to the Chiropractor is how I roll...for an hour, twice a week!  Rehab and adjustment, I'm on my last leg, I'm almost fixed! I get to go out with a bang.  I'm sure you're jealous :)

 Just sending Daddy a little picture of what it means to have all 4 along

Mornings are always my favorite:


Send Daddy this picture and say "Go Bikings"
 Daddy usually plays the games at night, Mommy was on all day er day
 We were finally able to get together with the Martionson Ladies!! It's not easy coordinating schedules when you have babies 9 weeks apart.  We talk a lot, but hadn't been able to get the crew allll together.  Tuesday, we finally made it happen and it was great.  Happy Tears!

Lunch time
 Miss Mia!
 Lunch time outside
 Baby Hog! She would rather take her suit off and be inside with the babies
 Double time
 Mason & Mia, I think they're gonna have fun together!

 Hey, we're gonna give our moms a run for their money once all of our siblings are gone at school. Deal?
 Of course the girls wanted a turn holding her too!

 We upgraded our backyard pool.  We had a lot of fun.  It's not so fun having to empty it and put it away
 Oh Mr. Brecken how I love you.  He needs some Boggles!
 We take walks as often as we can.  Usually it's right after Mason wakes up from a nap, and sometimes he takes another while on the walk.  Love the many route options around our house.

Crushin' Zzzs

 Every night I'm in awe of how well we can get 4 kids to bed and stay sleeping until 7am.
These two have a secret connection.  They always seems to find each other and they often never cause each other any trouble, they might have some fun days ahead with some of their siblings start school
 One morning I needed a little extra coffee.  Mason was off his schedule and it was opposite when a thunderstorm hit.  Didn't get as many Zzzs as I would have liked.  Oh well, it's a short stage of life. Enjoying the one on one time in the mornings with my little dude, they're quite peaceful.

Yes, I have more cream than coffee.
 Happy Flag Day, a favorite spot for the little Man.  Makes Daddy happy
 Sally was at a birthday party.  Bedtime stories outside.
 Early bird catches the worm!
 My middles, they'll keep us smiling, always


"Just a minute, can mommy have a break for just one minute?"

and then Daddy came home and all was right in the world again.

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