Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend with Nana & Gramps

Friday was Sally's end of the year picnic.  I like to try and be able to help with or be with Sally for at least 2 events during the year.  I was able to help with her class Christmas party and I was able to be with her for her end of the year picnic.  Thanks Daddy for being home with the other 3!

It was a great day with Sally.  I don't often get a chance to have such a long amount of one on one time with her.

 Her class with Mrs. Olsen, her teacher
 The whole 2nd grade!
 When I was putting her to bed she said, "Thanks for being so encouraging to all my my friends at the picnic.  I bet you were a really good teacher."

Fun for her to see me outside of my "mom zone" :) I may have also kicked a homerun during the kickball game

 Cannot believe she's about to become a 3rd grader...that's when I associate her with being really old!!
 Everyone decided to wear hats on Friday

Then Nana & Grandpa arrived for a weekend of fun.  We took them to our favorite spot for Vics takeout and a picnic dinner!


and then I headed out to go put Mason down and the rest of the crew got some ice cream from the Social

Saturday morning we had coffee and donuts outside!

 I wish she would let me put a bun in her hair every day, it's so cute!
 You know it's a good morning when you get to bike in your jammies
 I planned ahead for summer and ordered 3 books from the library.  Sally spotted them and read all 3 before 11am on Saturday!

 It was the perfect weather for Mason to try on his new outfit from Grandma and George. So cute!
The littles went down for a nap and the Bigs headed to Fleet to pick out a plant to grow.  We have some tomatoes, an orange, red and yellow peppers!

 Great idea, Grandpa.  We'll keep you posted on the progress!
 The girls wanted to wear their new dresses from Grandma and George.  Red white and blue!
 Love this garden outside of church
 We love running in to our friends at Mass
 and then Nana and Grandpa headed home.  Thanks for a great weekend, it was nice to be low key and just hang out!

Pictures from earlier last week.  Lazy morning of bubble blowing
 trying out his shades
 we did a walking lunch on Thursday, it was wonderful!  Saying hello to the water fountain, baby ducks and horse!

 Lost one
 Mason was up early and ready to rock, so I took advantage and we snuck out for a quick walk before his sister's woke up.  The only downfall of our enchanted forest is that there can be lots of BUGS. I found this awesome netting to put around his stroller to keep them away from him.  I only put it on for the enchanted forest...I'm not THAT helicoptery ;)
 Sally was asked to draw a picture of what she's most excited for this summer. She wasn't done yet, don't worry Joey and Emily, you weren't forgotten
 We had a fun morning helping out the Sandquist Family.  Sally had some company on the bus this morning.  Emma wanted to be prepared for the rain, even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky...

My neighbor works for the Jason show (on Fox 9 airs weekdays at 10am), she asked us to come out to a local park for a quick segment.  I'll post the video here when able, it was pretty cute!

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