Friday, June 12, 2015

Rainy Day Creativity

The Girls enjoyed using their imaginations yesterday, during our rainy day.

I welcomed the weather change, which allowed me to clean the house!

Welcome to Hawaii...

Emma enjoyed showing her sisters how to play her "new to her" toy

 K Libby, Watch me
 Like THIS
 Sally, are you watching?
 See? Isn't this cool?

We met Daddy, Thomas, Erin and Baby J for lunch, as Thomas, Erin and Baby J were passing through on the way to their camping weekend.  The girls got a little toy with their lunch.  Which turned into puppets

The other day it was a very nice day at the pool and a beautiful afternoon for a walk

Still just not so sure...
 Giggles and Chubber Cheeks
 Watching her sisters
 Singing with Mama, while the girls bike
 Such good listeners and rule least on their bikes ;)

We had a beautiful morning at the pool this morning.

Emma allowed me to take Libby down the tube slide a few times.  Emma hung out in her stroller with Sally while Libby and I made a quick trip down.

She was liking her stroller today

Toofers! She has two on the bottom and 2 fangs on the top, what the? I guess I got those before my top two front when I was little too...

I picked up some new diving rings for the girls.  Libby was the thrower and Sally was the searcher

Sally's feet in the air and Libby's pink water wings

Happy Weekend Ya'll

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