Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We're on the move!

Soooooooo, the Craigmile Crew is on the move! I've been waiting to share this information until it was a little more official.

We had decided a little while back that we were going to list our house this Spring.  When Reid was laid off, the decision became even more real as we were going to be able to have extra time to get the house ready to list and he would be able to search for jobs in areas that we potentially would like to move too and settle in to.

We love our charming little house and our great location, neighborhood and neighbors (Especially Delores, don't even get me started, *tears*) But it's getting a little tight.  We feel guilty always shushing the big girls because Emma is sleeping.  We would love to have people over more often, but just don't have as much room, when our own family seats 5 around the table.

So, once Reid accepted his job at Best Buy and he had 2 full weeks before he was going to start, we decided it was go time.  Gramps came down and was a HUGE help!  Had he not helped us, we would probably still be painting.

We have THE BEST, I kid you not, THE VERY BEST REALTOR IN THE TWIN CITIES.  I'm not just saying that because she's family, she wins awards to prove it.  Guys, she knows her stuff, and if you listen to her all your dreams will come true....right Sheila? :)  Let me know if you want her contact info, we've already referred her a handful of times and all come back with the same comments, she IS the best!

If someone were to tell us what would happen after we listed our house, we would have thought you were nuts.

First, we had a showing before it was even on the market, and got an offer.  We weren't ready to accept the offer without having the house get listed.  In two days we had 9 more showings and two more offers!! {Thank you Delores for letting us hang out, have the girls nap and watching the girls when we needed to go to the office.  See? Delores! Don't even get me started...I've already tried to convince her to move with us :)}

Long story, a little bit shorter.  We accepted an offer OVER asking price, not requiring an inspection and they're paying cash!  Nuts, right?!  God is Good!

Here's where we may need some prayers.  We're still actively searching for that perfect house.  So that's why we're coming and going on this here blog.  Lots of "let's go look" at a drop of a hat.  Not easy when you have 3 kiddos :)

I'll continue to keep this updated as best I can.  The girls do indeed know we are moving {Libby's only requirement is that the house has a toilet :)}  Sally however, does not know she's going to be switching schools {another reason I wasn't able to share, as I wanted to make sure I was able to tell Sally's school in person.  Not easy, because WE LOVE her school!}. I'm sure she's going to be sad, just as we are sad to leave the friends we have started to create within that community, but I'm not worried in the least about Sally.  She's a social butterfly, she'll have no problem making new friends.  We'll be telling her later in the summer, after she's had the natural break of summer and it won't seem like such a sock.

So, please keep us in your prayers that we find our new home and the transition goes as well as it can.  At least we know we're in the best of hands with using Sheila as our realtor!!  Also, God has continued to have our back during this crazy journey with results happening beyond our wildest imaginations.  We have great faith and trust that He has great plans as to where the Craigmile Crew will plant their roots.

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  1. So excited for you guys!! Sending you lots of house hunting juju!