Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend With Nana & Gramps

Reid had his annual guys weekend in Alex this past weekend.  The Big Girls went to Nana and Grandpa's and Emma and I went to my mom and George's (although we had the house mostly to ourselves, and Grandma had her girls weekend and George was up at a Cabin).

Emma and I came home too, because as part of the planning for the guys weekend, was to have all the spouses and kiddos meet up since there have been so many new additions to the group this year.  It was great fun, but we didn't get any pictures.

Here are the pictures I got from Nana from the fun they had with the Bigs!

Friday Morning Nana had arranged for the girls to go to White Horse Ranch

They had a blast! I'll let the pictures tell the story

 Thanks to Aunt Joan for the connections!

Collecting Eggs!

 Riding miniature horses! This particular horse is blind, his name is Vision :)

Helping Nana bake

 Libby's favorite, tea party!

 Saying Hail Mary with Mary, one of Nana's friends that she visits!



Feeding the ducks
 Lunch time with the Ghent Craigmiles! One month apart!
 One year apart!
 Cute Little Lady who won't let anyone hold her but mama.  Cutting teeth it tough work...

Thank you Nana and Grandpa for the wonderful memories the Big Girls will forever cherish! Thank you Mom and George for letting Emma and I crash at your place, it was a relaxing and refreshing weekend!

Happy Week Ya'll

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