Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Special Time

I had some special one on one time with Emma while the Bigs were with nana and Gramps and Daddy was with his Buddies

Wakes up Happy Happy!

Mommy had some great time with her littlest lady and I also had some great quiet time, filled with Chick Flicks on Netflix, a great book, some sun tanning, and lots of time to myself.  

Lots of giggles and now a whole lot of baby food.  She's up to 6 teeth now and counting...baby food is for babies...
 Daddy caught at 26.5 inch Northern!
 Mommy got to take Grandma's spot for Friday's adoration, sooooooo much to be thankful for...I should have brought Kleenex.  Grandma had fun with Emma.  Emma was less than impressed with Grandma's dance moves ;)
 and Giggli'
 Daddy's pretty sunset
 Morning walk!
 So peaceful!
 Came home to some Geese and their family
 Morning nap for Emma, morning coffee for Mama
 Grandpa Joe would stop by every now and then to say Hello. I was down on the dock and the Loon made it's call
 The fellas, Golfing
 More giggles
 The Boys, shooting?
 More shooting?

I brought Emma down to see the water, immediately the loon made it's call
 I couldn't resist :)

Happy last day of June, are you kidding me?!

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