Thursday, July 2, 2015

Heaven's a little bit Brighter

Heaven gained a beautiful soul yesterday.  My Grandma Phenow, Grandma Bea, died yesterday.  She was almost 91 years old.  What a wonderful lady she was!

These 2 always had a special connection

She had
- the best belly laugh
-fried chicken with every meal
-fingernails that were always painted and as strong as a brick
-a blue mug always filled with a little something something
-fritos always in her pantry
-a white Christmas tree with blue lights
-always kissed you on the lips when greeted to say hello or parted ways
-a rosary always in her pocket or hand
-a word find always close by
-a strong Catholic faith
-a heart of Gold
-the biggest, brightest smile that could warm up any room!

Grandma's first selfie, she thought it was so funny, I can still hear her giggling now :)

I would have loved to witness her big greeting in Heaven, what a day I'm sure it was!


Getting ready for our summer trip to Walker.  Emma got a new "exersaucer" for the trip :)

 The other day, the girls and I had a great day at the pool.  It was a quiet day.  Everyone got a long and many memories were created and stored.  Libby decided she loved going down the whale slide

 Sally decided she loved going down the body slide
 and Emma loved hanging in the middle with her Mama so we could keep an eye on both of them
see all of her teeth poking through?

refuses little pieces, "I want the WHOLE cracker!"
 Enjoying my days with my girls

 Morning Bedhead
 so much hair she can have real piggies, Mommy's not a fan, it makes her look too old!
 It was a chilly start to the day yesterday, so we opted for the park.  We all had a great time!

 Libby was so proud to have climbed up the ladder all on her own
 Who says Moms can't have fun at the park? :) I have a picture of me doing this exact same stunt a year ago, when Emma was in my belly.  She was less than thrilled ;)

Happy 4th of July Weekend, Ya'll!  Have a fun and safe celebration! Don't forget a little cheers (with a Premium) to my dad! ;)

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