Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It's starting to really hit us that this moving thing is real life :)

We're having the "last" of a lot of things.  Still trying to enjoy the ride along the way.

We had a bit of a moment Sunday night.  Out of the blue I started getting teary-eyed, and then when I needed to put it into words to explain to the girls I started crying a little harder and then the hubs joined in.  I'm still amazed at the girls' understanding of it all, and how they're so okay with it all.  Reid made a good point, everything Sally (and Libby and Emma) does lately is new and exciting, so another something new for her, isn't necessarily out of the ordinary.  Especially because with all of the changes, the core of everything, our family, isn't changing.

The nursery is what gets me choked up the most.  So many hours clocked in that room.  Sooooooo many memories and transitions.

We know there are many many more wonderful memories to be made and we're very excited for that too.  It's just hard to close up a chapter and move on to another.  Especially when this chapter was action packed.  Everything that we've created as a Family has started right here on Florida Ave.  Grateful for all the pictures, and videos we will forever treasure :)

On another note, Reid is a rockstar packer.  I, however, am not.  Even though I'm a very organized person, I am known to throw a bunch of random things in a box just to get it packed.  Reid takes the extra minute to make it organized and extra safe ;)  We compliment each other well.  I'm handling the behind the scene planning, scheduling and organizing so it's not pure chaos and Reid's handling packing everything up, so we're out of here on time.  The unloading will be a little switch-a-roo.  I'll be great at finding places for all of our belongings so it's nice and organized and Reid will hang with the girls so Mommy can stay focused.

Only 2 more nights here, we can do :)

This weekend, our chain was sure getting small.  Each member has their favorite color represented and that's who gets to pull it off :)
Last week we had a day at the pool that was top ten :)  We all got along well and I made a point to soak up each of the girl's current stage of life they're at 

Emma made the cut for her first Saturday morning donut run, for the last one in SLP

Reid's the packer, so during Sally's quiet time, I took her to the movie Inside-Out.  Hellllllllloooooooo, not the best of ideas when the movie is all about moving.  I really hadn't read what the movie was about, other than explaining feelings.  Geeeze loueez, I was a bit of a mess, but so were all of the other adults in the theatre :)

Since Sally got to do something special with Mommy, Libby got to do something special with Daddy.  Painting, of course!

We found birthday hats while packing, and made the most of it :)
 Emma found the box with markers and scissors...
 After the cry fest at dinner, we ended with a dance party in the kitchen :)
 Emma's first Sister Bath!!

Happy Early Birthday to Thomas!!

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