Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We Did It!!

We moved, we made it, we're here and we're settling in.

Guys, let me tell you, this moving thing, with 3 littles, it ain't for wimps.  I'm used to going to bed around 9:30 or 10pm.  10 pm comes REALLY quickly.  There's so much to do and I want to do it all, buuuuuuut I can't.  Sleep really is important.  Again, 3 littles, must be able to function.

Many thank yous to many people, but most importantly Grandpa.  WOW! We COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!! You are a champ!!

Sheila Baaaaaby, Thank YOU!! Wow, we can't believe this is really ours, and it wouldn't have been without you and your wits and connections.  Thank you!!

Delores, for rocking at taking care of the girls on moving day so we could get out of there as fast as we did.  We certainly miss you! Come back and visit sooooooon!

Kyle, thank you for doing so much heavy lifting, so I didn't have to.  We def wouldn't have been out as fast if it wasn't for you.

Joe Joe, thank you for trusting me with your baby, I mean your truck.  We would not have fit everything if it wasn't for your truck!! Truck Yeah!

Mom and George, thank you for letting us crash at your condo so we didn't have to figure out a place for one night. I hope we left it as nice as you would have.

Kaaaaaaaari, thank you for sharing in the excitement.  Coming over with Champs and chocolate and loving it as much as we do.  And for the use of your dryer.  Because, what's a move without a little hiccup, or laundry for 2 weeks.

Kaaay, probably a million more things to write, but I'll let the pictures prompt me.  Should I be blogging? No.  I have a million other things to do, but I don't want to forget things, while they're still kinda sorta fresh.

What day is it?! :)

I love love love love our new place, but now looking back at pictures and realizing it's so permanent makes me a little teary-eyed.  New Chapters, new memories to be made and all so very exciting.  But, it's still hard to close a different chapter.

Last little sidewalk chalkin'

Hanging at Delo's with her new backpack
 The moving guys!! They would rock your socks off at Tetris, we couldn't have fit another piece of paper in that truck.

 My favorite memory from moving out day was when we caravanned (is that a word?) during rush hour from our old house to my mom and George's condo.  When we all were at the top of the exit ramp waiting for the arrow to turn green we all stuck our hands out the window and gave a thumbs up.  Me, with the girls in the pilot, Gramps in Uncle Joey's truck and Reid in the big moving truck.
 Cheering Squad!
 Re-photo of their football picture :)
 Making sure the boys are taking care of everything
 Oh the Nursery.  Not gonna lie.  When Reid and I went back all by ourselves at night.  Unlocked the empty house.  There was some ugly cries happening :(

Many many hours clocked in this room!
 Emma's ready to rock and roll!
 Packed to the brim
 3120 Florida Avenue, you were so so good to our little family!
 Thank you Grandma for stocking the condo with kid's shampoo!
 We are in! One way to get a little more accomplished.

The weather was hot, but not suuuuuuuuuuuper terrible.  Better than rain or moving in the winter!  We surprised the Bigs with Walkie Talkies, they were a hit!
 Emma's first night in her new room!  She has adjusted sooooooooooo well! No hiccups with her.
I knew Libby would have the toughest time transitioning.  She really has done great.  She just gets a little emotional if I'm going somewhere, she just wants to be very certain that I'm coming back.  She's also the most particular about things being exactly as they should be, so I anticipated bed time (and nap time) to be more of an adjustment for her has well.  The only thing she has requested is that we leave her door open.  Totally understandable, as all she's ever known is sleeping in a half story with no door and sharing it with her big sister.

We talked and talked and talked about moving and how everything was going to play out.  When we were going to bed at our new house the first night Libby asked "Are we just staying here for one night?" {a little confused since we stayed at the condo for one night}

Me: "No honey, this is our house.  We'll be here, hopefully forever."

"Are you serious?! This is our house? SALLY!! Mom just said this is our house, We're never leaving it.  Isn't that awesome?"

S: "Yeah, Libby, I know."--too cool

Sally's always been a sleeping champ and she continues to be! She's had little behavioral things here and there, but mostly it's because we're so preoccupied with unpacking that we can't always give her the attention she needs. And she's so excited she wants to try everything right away.

Slowly but surely we're all settling in and familiarizing ourselves with our new home and neighborhood!

First things first, Saturday morning donuts! And the new donut run place has "little carts" SCOOOOOOOORE!!

 First sister bath in the girls' bathroom! {Daddy does have clothes on...}
 Checking out the new 'hood while Mommy was returning Joey's truck

 The park is 30 steps from our house!

 Of course we celebrated National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!
 Taking it all in, he should be very proud of what he's done for his girls!
 Mommy...making sure to take a break every now and then.  Taking a walk around the pond and cul-de-sacs
 Lunch time.  Our house isn't cold.  Libby's wearing a sweatshirt because we had just come back form the uniform sale at their new school.  I found a cute little sweatshirt for Libby that has her preschool name on it.
 Loving our new cubbies, and bags!
 Watching Mommy mow the lawn
 Allowing Sally some special time
 Love what she chose to paint on her parachute.  An Eagle, a C for Craigmile that has feathers and a Cardinal.  {The cardinals have continued to go nuts since we've moved in.}
 Special snack time with twisty straws and Craigmile Beer Mugs :)
 Taking a break for some baby giggles

We unpacked the jewelry :)

 The Big Girls hanging out with neighbor Jean and her cat
 Just when we had a handle on all of the boxes, the Smartboxes were delivered...we've been without these things since May!
stay tuned for more to come from our moving excitement :)

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