Thursday, August 13, 2015

Making a house a home

Part 2 of moving...

on the road that turns in to our neighborhood there are 2 crosses that are lit up at night.  They're made out of fallen trees with the stump that was left behind.  We love it!

Nana and Gramps arrived just in time to help unload our Smartboxes and take over on Littles duty so Mommy and Daddy could get a few things done.

Friday morning Delores came over for coffee and a tea party! So great to see her and catch up! 

Friday morning I took Sally to a playground activity at her new school and then to Target to pick out her school supplies.  It was nice to have some one on one time.  T-19 days until school!!  We're also pretty excited about her bus schedule.  An hour and 15 minutes later than last year! She gets to sleep in!

That afternoon I met Sheila (she wears many hats) to check out Macy's furniture store.  We SCORED huge.  After dinner Reid and I went to Hom to compare and there wasn't much to compare. We headed back to Macy's at purchased all that we had picked out.  Couch, love seat and ottoman for our family room and a sectional for our basement.  Slowly they'll start arriving at our house.  Did you know Macy's is the 3rd largest furniture retailer? Me either.  I guess they're big on the East and West Coasts.  If you're looking for furniture, I'd give them a look!

Homemade Popsicles for snack

Saturday morning the crew got donuts and a donated TV by my Aunt and Uncle--THANK YOU!!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Northfield to celebrate my cousin Brad getting married to Dustee! It was a nice little break for Mommy and Daddy!

 Soooooooon to be Sisters!

 Love these two!
 Great Party guys!
 Gramps tackled sister bath with all 3 at once, what a champ!
 Cheers to some time together!
 Selfie Stick/Photobooth fun!
 What about Brian?!
 Love this one :)

Sunday morning we got to introduce Nana and Grandpa to our new church and where the girlies will be going to school.

They held down the fort again, so Mommy and Daddy could do a run to Ikea and a monster run to Target!

Loading up our cart at Ikea! Love/hate with that store :)

 Nana picked out a new pool for the girls, they love it, thank you!
 Taking a break and swinging at the park after a walk around the pond
 Emma Bee is SOOOOOO BIG.  Thanks for the adorable shirt, Tiff!

 Tea Party, pool side!
 Emma Bee, sweet as can be!

Millionth trip home from Target, at least I had a pretty drive home :)

Thank you thank you Nana and Grandpa for allowing us to get so much done Thursday-Sunday! Can't wait to see you again in a few short weeks!

Gotta run, Geek Squad is on the way to install our TV and we get to Shower Miss Emily today with a Bridal shower!! T-15 days until the weeeeeeeeeeeedddding!


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