Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh Gosh

Oh Gosh...It's my new favorite line that Sally says :)

I'm here I'm here I'm here, just lots of busy.

Reid was gone all of last week for a work conference.  Things went pretty smoothly back home.

All I have to compare to was when he was in Grad school and I'd have 2 nights a week solo, but that was when Emma was a newborn.  This week went much more smoothly, well, other than Sally's epic 4pm behavior, whoa nelly

The girls are having fun with the extra space in our new kitchen!

Mom, Mom, Mom, Can I help?

Me too, mom, can I help too?

I wonder how many times I need to ram Mom's heels before she'll pick me up...

We're loving our new sectional in our basement!

 Remember said 4pm behavior?  This was what she decided she should do to help her make better worked!

 100 years ago, okay, last January, Kari gave me a coupon for my birthday for a boat cruise.  We were waiting for the Mani and Martinis cruise.  Of course it landed on the week Reid was travelling for work.  Oh well, it was a great excuse to catch up with Andria and Rachel and give Mama a little break mid-week! :)

So much fun with the Sisterfriend! Such a beautiful night as well!! Thank you, Kari!
 Fancy Fancy
 Sally asked to have her hair curly like me.  I was working on giving her a little more extra attention to help with said 4pm behavior.  This was her face when she heard/read my text, because she can read, duh, Daddy was on his way home!
 Such a fun birthday party celebrating Mae! We're going to miss seeing these friends on a regular basis.  We all have 3 kids, very close in age, have similar interests and raise our kiddos similarly as well.  8 girls and 1 boy

The Bigs
 The Whole Gang!
 Molly's awesome cake making skills! Mae requested a dolphin cake!
 How cute is this?  Kickball and each dad is holding their #3
 Sally helping Daddy put together our bar stools
 Emma finding any little thing to pull herself to a stand. This little lady has become quite the diva.  Miss independent, I know what I want, but can't say it, but will yell at you until I get it!
 We were excited for our Meet & Greet AND Picture day.  Love the new setup of having picture day during the summer when the parents can be there, hopefully no surprises when we get the pictures back.  Yay!
 And Sally hit the 1st grade teacher JACKPOT! Seriously, she's magical.  I had tears in my eyes just watching Sally fall in love with her.  I want to be her student! Cannot wait to watch this year unfold!!

"Umm how much jitter glitter do I need?"

"Well, that depends how nervous you are."

"I'm not nervous at all, I can't wait!"

"Well then, maybe just two pinches.  But if you maybe need a little more you can maybe have 5 pinches, and make sure you don't put just the glitter under your pillow. Make sure you put your pinches in to another baggie."

 My morning run was pretty awesome this morning with the beautiful cotton candy sunrise and the fog on the pond and fields.  Love love LOVE where we live!

 Per back to school tradition we got our nails done this morning, and also to get ready for Joey and Emily's WEDDING!!  Was great fun with my girls.  We had one of our neighbor girls hang out with Emma, love love LOVE our neighborhood friends too :)

 Libby's first time!
 They were so cute chatting to one another, while I was finishing up my nails.  Such good girls, and very appreciative too!
 Since the appointment went so quickly we had time to browse Party City (Toddler Heaven) and then surprise them with a trip to caribou to get their very own's the little things!
 Cheers to a wonderful year of 1st grade and Pre-School!
 We came back to the neighborhood and there was a cute little orange juice and donut stand.  Yum Yum Yum!

Today was a very good day.  More pictures to come from the rest of this day...probably in a week or so ;)  Emma got a new water table, we scored some costumes at the garage sale for only a $1 and we turned left to follow the trail into the forest :)

Happy Hump Day! I'll be back some day with an update of the Moran wedding and the first day of school!!


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