Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Double Digits

Emma is 10 months!!!!

She's digging her new pad so much that she's learning something new every day in order to keep up with her Big Sisters and learn to explore her new world!

She went from laying to sitting and sitting to all fours and then what seemed like the next day, she was crawling.

Then the next day she started pulling herself up on things.  She'll even do her downward dog on the bamboo floors with her jammers on, that takes skills!  She mastered standing in her crib when it's time to sleep.  Today at nap she threw her favorite blankie out of her crib and cried until I gave it back...oh great, here we go!  She became attached to her bunny in her crib.  Sometimes I she falls asleep sitting up with her head resting on one of the bumpers. Silly nut

She has one hundred teeth.  Maybe 8, maybe 10? I'm not brave enough to stick my fingers in to look.  She had 3 consecutive nights when I'd switch her from eating on one side to the other and she chomped right on down.  Cannot even begin to explain the pain.  3 nights in a row!! yes, there was blood. Needless to say, she's done with her 4am feeding...

She mastered the fake cry, and is really quite good at it.  Makes you think she lost an arm or something

Now that she's on the move, she's a real treat to try and hold and keep quiet in church.  We're making our presence known in no time :)

Loves when her Daddy gets home from work.  Her sisters can make her laugh the hardest.  She can't get enough of bath time.  Loves to fake cry when you try and change her diaper...even to the point where I was worried her back was hurt or something...stinker pants

The only thing we've found that she won't eat is cottage cheese.  She crushes real food like you wouldn't believe.  So long is the baby food stage, thank goodness :)

She has been trying very hard to master the wave of opening and closing her hand.  She's so proud she finally did it!

She LOVES to give open mouth kisses.

This girl. She continues to get cuter and spunkier and more loveable every single day.  Happy 10 months Emmer Dews, We Love you!

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