Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

Random left out pics:

A week or so ago, I had a bridal shower in Albertville and on the way home took a little pit stop at the Outlet Mall.  Daddy took the girls bowling. He always totally exceeds my expectations when he's solo.  I think he likes to sit on the sidelines when I'm home, because clearly he's more than capable :)

Making Banana Bread for Walker, making a few extra muffins for Delores
 Miss Hollywood, Cheering on Sally at Soccer
 Cleaning their shells and rocks they collected from the beach at Walker
 The Monday after a vacation is usually the worst day ever.  No groceries, piles of laundry, and extra whiny kids
 Haven't tackled running errands with all 3 very often, this trip was rather successful!
 Someone is getting a bit closer to crawling, it'll still be a while, but she's def interested
 Quick little walk with youngest while Daddy took the Bigs to soccer
 Thankful for the Breunig Family as they picked Sally up from her park thing, had her over for dinner and brought her to soccer.  She had a great time and it was a nice little break to get a little extra packing in.  Thank you!

Another Daddy success when Mom wasn't there, a picture of all the soccer stars and their sisters! We're sure going to miss these friends!

 As stated before, Sheila, our realtor is the best of the best.  She also refers top notch people.  We had a fan installed in our bathroom.  The nicest Handy Man ever.  First off, he called me a Saint as her listened to me "hang" with the girls.  Sally was having a bit of a rough morning and he complimented me on how calmly I parented.  Said he had raised 3 kids as well and never was he that calm.  I told him it would maybe me a different scene if he wasn't there, but the compliment was much appreciated.  A few days later we received a handwritten thank you in the mail from him.  How nice is that?!

If you need an awesome handyman, let me know :)

We had a fun playdate at Liz's house with Milo and Benny.  Liz and Miss Maria came too! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures.  Thanks Lizzy for having us over!

Yesterday Emma had her 9 month check up and Sally had her yearly physical...after 5 it's just yearly physicals and no more well visits :(  Thankful for Delores as she kept LJ at her house.

Happy to report we continue to be blessed with Healthy Girls!

Sally is 67% for weight and 60% for height.

Emma's 9 month Stats:
17 lbs 3 oz- 19%
26.7 inches- 21%
45cm - 77%

She's seems to be our most petite yet, we'll see how it all plays out :)

One more story before I forget.

We were headed home from Walker.  Emma was sleeping and the Bigs were quietly listening to their book on CD.  Reid was getting ready to pass a car on a two lane highway and Libby quickly exclaims, "Woah, Dad, you're comin' in HOT!" :)

K, for reals now, I think I might be done blogging until we're in the new place.  Prayers appreciated!

Ta Ta For Now!

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