Monday, July 20, 2015

Emma's 9 months

Last week Emma turned 9 months! We celebrated while we were in Walker!  She had many firsts!

We did a little photo shoot before we left

She has 8 teeth, 6 up top and 2 on the bottom.  LOVES all things food, unless she has to be fed.  So, yep, she's done with baby food! Nursing 3-4 times.

 Sits like a champ.  Can go from sit to on her tummy.  Starting to pull her knees up to get in a crawling position.  Can pivot and make her way around a room in record time.  She often gets stuck under the couch!

Loves to stand and hold things.  Mama's not quite ready to let go yet, afraid she'll smash her mouth with all of her teeth.

Loves to drink water, and play in the water/lake/bath/pool.  Is a very messy eater!
 Busy busy busy, she's ready to be on the move.  Chats and knows how to make silly sounds to get people's attention.  Can say Mama. Doesn't like to see mommy leave the room.  Shakes her head when she sees daddy, like she's ready to wrestle with him.  Her sisters can get the best belly laughs out of her.

Hiccups at 9 months...then and now ;)

Can clap, do 'So Big' and wave.

Piggies. Her hair continues to amaze me

Sleeps well at night, pretty close to 10 hours, quick nurse and back for another 2.  Two 2hr naps during the day, give or take.

She continues to be the sweetest little thing!
 She had her first trip to walker!
 First corn on the cob

 First taste of Jim's small potatoes and couldn't get enough

First Boat Ride

 Her first swim in the Lake, Leech Lake to be exact

Happy 9 month sweet baby girl! Thank you for adding your sweet personality to our crazy crew! We all love you so very much!

My posting might be a bit sporadic in the next few days.  We're almost down to single digit number of days until we move.  Time to get packing!!! Hoping to get Walker pictures posted, otherwise I'll never get around to it!

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