Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We've been Busy

It's been busy busy around here.

The painters have started painting our house.  They have yet been able to put in a full day.  Between the insane dew points and the bits of rain each day.  Slowly but surely we're getting there and it's starting to look great!

Our Water Heater went out, so that was fun.  It happened to be during the time we were having visitors too.  Sorry Paul and Tamara, thank you for being so understanding!

Then our washer got clogged again! Thankful for Home Service Plus through centerpoint, so we don't have to pay anything, but we do have to wait a whole week! Thank you Alisha, for letting me do a load at your house!

It typically happens in 3's, what's last? eeek

The girls started their tennis camp.  Sally was bummed up to the next level, so we get to stay and cheer for an extra hour, 2 hours in total.  It's fun keeping Emma contained and entertained ;) Only 2 days left of that.  It's fun to see the girls enjoy it so much.

Last night I got to go and celebrate 2 of my former coworkers, on their retirement.  It was a fun reunion of staff and former students! Crazy how much the students have grown and I haven't aged one bit ;)

Last week the girls asked to go up to the parking lot so they could bike around.  Emma decided to sit in the middle and eat her snack

 Last week I mentioned all of the husbands were working late, so we had a neighborhood pizza party.  here's the baby table
 All the kiddos playing Bubble Gum
 Daddy enjoying the One Republic concert at his charity event
 Theo and Emma acting like High Schoolers during Tennis practice...
 After Paul and Tamara left, the water heater guy and the painters, we regrouped by watching the original Annie, before Thomas, Erin and Savannah arrived!
 Emma was obsessed with Savannah!
 The girls, playing puppies

Thankful for Kate driving out and staying over night to watch our girls so Reid and I could go and celebrate Alex and Becky's wedding!  John is always so good at getting pictures of everyone else, I made sure we got a picture of he and Melissa!
 The Fabulous Foursome...are Reid and Thomas, twins, brothers or Cousins? :)
 Cousins and Tamara :)

Sally had her swim meet on Sunday.  I was very proud of her courage and bravery of jumping in and swimming 3 races.  She was a little nervous at first, but after her first race she couldn't get enough.  She can't wait to sign up again.

Helping calm her nerves before warming up
 It was fun to see her name on the scoreboard
 And she's off, first race was backstroke

 Getting ready to dive in for her freestyle

 Her last race was the breaststroke
 Thank you to our neighbor Kali for coming over while Emma napped, so she didn't have to miss her nap time.

Libby was so proud of Sally and made her a sign "Go Sally Sally"  Thank you to Nana, Grandpa and Jane for coming to cheer for Sally too! So fun they were in town and able to see her.
 Sally had been wanting to go to the Pet Store in Excelsior to hold bunnies.  I told her if she tried her hardest at her swim meet, we could go.  Wellllllll that pet store is getting remodeled, so it's closed.  We made the most of it and went out to dinner at Maynard's on the patio.

Oh Miss Emma, Miss independent.  Won't sit in a high chair and don't you dare help her with her giant water glass!
 Hands off Mom, I can do it myself!
 Love her little hands
 Sally got treated to her first Shirley Temple, I didn't know it would be a big gulp size!
 LJ preferred just her water
 and tasty spaghetti, and she managed to somehow keep her white dress clean!
 It was a memorable night for sure! Love our little crew!
 Libby had her first T-Ball game last night, I stayed home because it was too late for Emma, but Daddy and Sally did a great job cheering for our Red Rhino! (She's the one with the glove on the ground, ready for the ball)
 Emma, being a beast at tennis lessons this morning.  We finished just minutes before the rain hit, phew!
 Another low-key morning after tennis, during the rain, with Free Willy! The girls loved it!
 We weren't so lucky with our Target run.  It was pouring rain when it was time for us to head to the car to unload!  It will be a fun memory for the girls, that's for sure.  I'm happy to report the Target trip seemed Easier with Sally along.  She was able to read me my list and mark them off as we went.  Each sibling acted as a buffer to the other, so there was no fighting either.  Who would have thought!
 Emma got upgraded to a Big Girl water bottle.  She can't get enough.  Maybe I should use it to help go potty on the toilet.  We're still getting our morning poops on the toilet most days.  Way to go Dews!
I think the sunshine is supposed to be back tomorrow, yay!

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