Tuesday, June 21, 2016


This last weekend we Surprised Grandpa for an early birthday present.  It's his favorite thing to have everyone together.  Back in March or so we started setting up the plan.

Saturday morning Nana and Gramps arrived at Marc and Regan's and an hour later the Victorian Craigmiles walked in to surprise that we'd be all together!

It was a nice and relaxing weekend.  The cousins played very well! Thanks for hosting, Marc and Regan and all of the wonderful food!

Happy Early Birthday Gramps!

Emma continued to be a baby hog! She's obsessed with baby Madden!

 The other sisters wanted in on the bottle feeding action too!

 We gave Daddy his Father's Day gifts early.  He was sporting one of them on Saturday {Best. Dad. Ever}as he was testing out some rollerblades...
 Libby wanted to try blading as well. A few minutes later Sally got a chance too.  They quickly realized it's a bit harder than it looks
 Lots of trampoline bouncing and water slide splashing for these ladies
Cannon is so good with the littles...

What fun memories!
 The whole crew before heading to church!
 Happy Father's Day to our Strong and Faithful Leader of our crew! We love you!
 We ended Father's day with a trip to the Social! Yum Yum!

It was picture day yesterday for the Red Rhinos!

Happy Summer! Happy Beautiful Weather!

The mister got hit with some nasty bug and/or food poisoning and/or heat something or other. We're hoping it sticks with just him :( yuck!

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