Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo Dump

Last week Sally had the stomach flu.  Thankfully it was short lived.  She was quarantined to the basement :) In order to get all of the necessary laundry and sanitizing done and keep all of the sisters separate S and L had to watch movies on different levels.

L chose to use the DVD player :)

 Having a "hoot" with mom

 Little butterball :)
 So fun having Meggers and Dan stop can't even tell that she's 37 weeks pregnant!!!!!!! So excited for baby #2!
 Daddy snuck this little photo, I like it!
 We went on a triple date night.  Siblings and significant others :) It was a lot of fun! Hopefully we can keep it up.  Reid doing the classic "selfie" when he was suppose to be taking a picture of the siblings

Brian photobombing, as always :)


Little lady is starting to transition to a new wardrobe of bigger sizes.  The adorable outfit that Delores gave her
 How lovely has this weather been?! We made it out Sunday afternoon, it was glorious!!

Minnesota Mommy :)  The last time we walked this path I went in to labor a few hours later :) Now we have sweet Emma to walk with us!!

 Daddy stayed and played at the park with the big girls for a little bit and Mommy kept walking around the block.  I came back to a beautiful view of the sun setting and a daddy loving his time with his girls!

 They were so excited to be back at the park!

 Making a mess...I mean snowflakes :)
 Have I said how much I love having a Kindergartner.  We get daily little notes and pictures, she's so creative and so loving!

 Another photo shoot with a cute new outfit--thank you Zielke Family!
 "Mom just told me we're going to Florida, I'm soooooo excited" :)

 Big brown eyes!
 Sally enjoyed her one on one time with Mommy on MLK Monday.  She got to create a few headbands while her little sisters were napping
 I let them play outside by themselves for a little bit, they loved it!
 The key Libby's heart is by allowing her to have a tea party
 Tummy Time!
 Such a big world!

  Rainbows and Flowers to brighten your day!
 Little Lady Rocking her slippers, waiting for Jenny and Sam to arrive...if only she could have stayed awake :)
 Thanks for coming to play Jenny and Sam!!
 Emma giggles if we needed another reason to be more obsessed!

Working on the grasp and coordination :)
Sally's home, nap time is over, gottaaaaaa gooooooooooooooo!

Happy Weekend!

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