Thursday, February 5, 2015

Celebrating My Mr. MBA

Reid and I snuck away to celebrate the completion of his 3 1/2 year MBA program.  We brought Emma along for the ride too, you know, because baby girl needs to eat and Mama's got the goods :)

St. Pete Beach area in Florida was recommended to us, by my friend Lindsey, who lives in Tampa.  It did not disappoint.  It was absolutely beautiful and exactly what we were looking for.

Can I also say how amazingly perfect Emma Bee was?! She slept like a champ, hung out like a champ and was just all around a champ! It was so fun to be able to give her some undivided attention.

Thank you to the Grandparents who gave the big girls extra lovin' and attention, they had so much fun and have some great memories to always cherish.

Here's a bunch of pictures from the first part of our trip.

Getting ready to board her first plane

 The sweet lady at the gate knew we were traveling with a newborn, so she gave us a whole row to ourselves! Emma did great, smiled a lot, ate some and slept some
 Coming in for a landing, love the shot that Daddy captured
 Her first ever Uber ride :)
 It looks kind of like a jail cell, but it served it's purpose and Emma seemed to like it :)
 We had no idea what kind of a view our room had, because when we arrived it was dark. You can imagine how wonderfully surprised we were when we woke up!
 Morning walk and coffee on the beach!
 Love this picture and how Big Emma's smile is! So good to see Daddy so relaxed, NO MORE SCHOOL! :)
 We headed up to a cute shopping area called John's Pass.  Enjoying lunch on the boardwalk
 Hey guys, I sure love having no socks or long sleeves, the first of my whole life :)
 We spotted Dolphins while eating lunch!!
 Emmers was pretty excited about it too!
 Shopping till she dropped ;)
 We picked up some ice cream to go (Reid claims his was the best he's ever had) and headed across the street to the beach.
 Quick little hideout to feed the babe
 I like it here guys

 A little behind the scenes to prove it's not always pretty and perfect as it seems.  Baby girl didn't like the breeze from the ocean so we had to hide under the blanket while feeding.  We got a good chuckle out of this picture

 Mmmmm vitamin D feels so good
 We headed back to have dinner on the beach at the restaurant at our hotel, and to watch the sun set.

 Good pic, Daddy!
 It got a little chilly once the sun set, so we were warming up by the heater
 We purposely got a room with a balcony so we could sit outside and play cards, have some beer and wine and catch up.  You know, because he's been in school for so long and we sacrificed our time when he needed to do school work, so he didn't have to sacrifice dad time.  We made it through and we get to go back to dating each other again :) It's so wonderful to have my guy back!
 The restaurant on the beach as part of our hotel had live acoustic music each night, we couldn't have picked a better spot
 Farkle, careful with the dice ;)
 More pictures to come from my birthday celebration! :)

**Special thank you to Father Don, Grandma Peggy and Nana and Grandpa, to help make this vacation possible, we so appreciate you!!

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