Sunday, February 22, 2015


One day at a time.

It's been a little crazy around here.  I'm currently on day 14 of being the solo parent in charge around here.  Last weekend daddy was sick in bed (yep, even on Valentine's Day).  This weekend Daddy's working.  During the week he's been getting home at 7pm or later, one night it was 10pm.

Fun times.  You're jealous, I know you are.

This morning I had the pleasure of taking all 3 girls to Mass, by myself.  I had no choice, I had to help sell tickets for a retreat the Pastoral Council is putting on.  It was really fun, I promise.

So far, every time I've had to go somewhere by myself with all 3 girls, Emma decides to have an "up the backer." Don't pretend you don't know what those are.

See? I told you, fun times!

This too shall pass, it's just a phase, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  But can I at least swim to a floating dock to catch my breath? :)

Here's a catch up of photos and one really great video.

Story time, loving Libby's made up words

"Okay, now let me have a turn so I can show you what the words really are"
  Valentine nails

Cute little ladies

Always asking to read Emma a story
 Making chocolate chip cookies for Joey's Birthday

Jenn and Brooks stopped over for a visit and wouldn't you know, totally unrelated Poosch stops by!

 Libby gets to grab his cheeks, this time

This definition and this picture perfectly sums up Libby, and the word "Threenager"

She knew I had had a long day and then she comes up dressed like this with a silly voice asking if I want to play catch

 This girl and her hair!
 They love her so

Last Friday, Sally was off of school and it was a magically wonderful day for the big sisters.  They played so well together.  They went up to make their beds, but instead Sally read Libby books, I didn't protest, so sweet
 Thank you Target Dollar Spot for a little morning craft
 Playing store "Thank you very much, Miss, come back again soon!"

The Pickar family were so sweet in giving us their "Good Night Moon" tickets, it was the cutest play at Stages!!

Libby's first play, she so enjoyed it!!  thank you!

 Hearts hearts everywhere for Valentine's day!
 Thank you Maks for the Valentine bracelets!

 Just want to remember their sweet innocent faces.  Giving them a little treat and allowing a show before bed.  Have you watched Stella & Sam on Netflix? Super cute!
 Good afternoon, sweet girl!
 More stories for Emma while she eats :)
 We got word Friday morning that Meggers was maybe going in to labor.  Yesterday, William Brown became a big brother to Bennett Thomas!! Welcome to the world, Bennett, we cannot wait to meet you!!
 Trying to make the most of yet another solo dinner, so we ordered pizza.  I guess we always get take-out.  The girls could not believe that someone was actually going to deliver the pizza to their house.  They thought it was so funny!

And also, my infant smiles better than my toddler :)
 Pizza party in the basement, because we needed a little switch up in our routine

Delores even stopped over for a piece and to give Mommy some adult conversation :)

Not pictured:

*A playdate (mom talk) with Kari and Aubrey, Kari getting to witness the craze of the girls and Valentine's Candy on Friday the 13th!

*Sally scoring a basket during a little scrimmage during Saturday morning practice.  She was so proud, as was I! So fun.

Emma had her 4 month check up.  She's doing great!!

weight: 14lbs 2 oz- 59%
height: 24 3/4inches - 67% (I think this is a little longer than what she actually is...)
Head: 41.5cm- 64%

And the cutest video you ever did see :)

Happy Weekend Ya'll! Keep on, keepin' on!

Sorry if there are typos, no time to proof, baby's up!

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  1. OMG! This post brings me back to when Leo was an itty bitty thing and all of the chaos. Not like my house isn't chaotic now - but it's a different type of chaos. In a year or so you will look back and be like how on EARTH did we survive that insane time? Because you will survive it - you ARE surviving it! One minute at a time. And a glass of wine at bedtime. It's the little things in life. You rock!