Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love being back to the ordinary

Sweet baby girl loves being a part of our dinner table now.  I reminded Sally how she was so excited for this stage to arrive when Emma wasn't even born yet. "Mom, it will be so fun when the baby is here and can sit on the table like Libby did, when we eat dinner."

Thanks for the cute Jammies
After Dinner sillies

They certainly missed each other!
Afternoon stories
Afternoon tea parties
This is an oldie, but a goodie.  It was their last sister snuggle before we headed to Florida
This was my first afternoon back. No matter how warm the sun or blue the ocean, my heart is fullest at home with my family, just doing the ordinary.
Marc and Regan came down on Friday and we got to have lunch downtown with Daddy! Nevermind Emma's jammie outfit, as she had a blow out seconds in to eating lunch, never a dull moment ;)
Daddy went to the T-Wolve/Grizzlies game to cheer on his cousin! So we had a girls night!

Snuggle Bunny, getting so big!
Breakfast for dinner
 Sally learning to skate

Outside runs!

 Saturday Morning Basketball
 Crushers...sure brings me back!
 Air Jordan ;)
 Playing at the park
 Surprising Mommy with a Happy Birthday Sign!
 Last minute, no make-up, cash in on free Birthday Pizza at Park Tav!

Story time
Always managing to have one sock off
Thank you for the adorable outfit Housman Family!
My favorite of all, a little family dance party.

It's finally starting to sink in that Daddy's really done with school {his diploma that arrived in the mail, even proves it!}

I love my family and the ordinary!

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