Monday, February 9, 2015

Pictures from the Grandparents

Here are a few of the pictures we received while we were in Florida.

Grandma Peggy got thrown in to the middle of Catholic Schools week... :)

Beach Day

 Libby got a special french braid for school

 Watching Super Why so their nails could dry
 Wacky and Crazy Hair Day

 L's nails lasted through the night
 "Baby Dolls need lunch too"
 Not pictured is Family Fun night she got to take the girls to at the school. And Grandma's last mission (as she called it) was Saturday morning Basketball!
 Thank you Grandma Peggy for taking on such a busy week and doing an incredible job, we appreciate you!
Next up, Nana and Gramps! Popcorn night!

 Uncle Poosch!

 Special Valentine Gifts

 Super Bowl!
 Heading off to School

 Daddy heading back to work

 Don't you dare forget to wave to Libby ;)
Special one on one time
 Lunch with Sally!

 What a great picture!

 Coming home from school
 Special Valentine treats!
Mommy and Emma are back! Nana and Grandpa watched Emma while Mommy ran a few errands while Libby was at school

 Nana got to come along and pick Libby up from school!
Thank you thank you for the extra love and attention you gave to the girls.  They have memories stashed for years to come!!

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