Friday, February 6, 2015

31st Birthday

To be completely honest, I didn't really like having my birthday away.  The Big Girls were a little bummed when they found out I was going to be gone over my birthday, so we promised them we would celebrate once we got home.

A lovely way to wake up in the morning :)
 A peaceful walk on the beach
 Daddy went up earlier to put Emma down for a nap and spotted me heading back in :)
 Hanging out while Mommy and Daddy catch some rays by the pool
 Enjoying lunch on the balcony!
 Afternoon walk on the beach after Daddy allowed me to relax by the pool all day

 Headed up to the top floor to grab a birthday drink and take in the view! It makes a complete rotation every 1 1/2 hours
 You have a baby, in a bar ;)
 Another drink at the neighboring restaurant, which we discovered was having a special on steak and lobster...score one for Mommy's birthday!

 How adorable is her smile?!
 Cotton Candy sunset, outfits to match :)
 Happy Birthday to me!

 Baby Giggles before bed, she loves her daddy something fierce!

 Champagne, steak and lobster, my kind of birthday dinner!

Thank you for all of the calls, messages, videos and text throughout the day.  I am loved and I am grateful!

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