Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sweet Sally Ann

I've been meaning to write a post on our Kindergartner.  She is doing such a wonderful job in school!

She got her 2nd quarter report card and she is doing excellent!! She loves school, loves to learn and loves all of the new friends she is getting to know.  We couldn't be more proud.

I took her out to get some special one on one time and to let her know how very proud of her we are.  Not because she's doing well in school, but because of how hard she works.  It's not about the grades, it's about the effort and attitude and willingness behind it!

"Mom, can I take your picture? Smile and give me a thumbs up!"  I wish there was more time to do this more often...

 She's a bright bright girl, but we're not letting her know that ;)  We don't want it going to her head, just keep on doing what you're doing sweet girl, we're so very proud!

The Sunday to kick off Catholic schools week, she got to be a greeter and an Usher, she LOVED it!

How adorable is she?!

As I mentioned before, Sally was chosen to do the 2nd reading and her school Mass.  We're not suppose to take pictures or record, because, well, it's Mass.  Sorry Father, I had to break the rules...I'm sure he understands ;)

My favorite part was how she was just beaming with pride when she was done!

We are so very blessed, Sweet Sally Ann, to have you as our daughter.  I'm honored to be your Mom!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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