Monday, February 16, 2015

F-O-U-R Months

Yesssssssssss, we made it

aaaaaaand then we hit some sleep regression.  It started when we got back from Florida.  Thankfully she waited until after vacation.  I kept thinking maybe it had something to do with the time change, but then she wouldn't adjust.

It's a good thing, yadadadada, means she's developing right on track.  But this babe use to only get up once at night in a 13 hour period and now it's sometimes 3 or 4 times and there have been a few times where she won't go back to sleep.  Mama needs her sleep, so, please baby girl, get back on schedule :)

I think because she's been such a gem it's easier to point out her hiccups.  Thankfully she's still super duper happy and smiley.

Seriously though, that hair!  She rocks it and I let her rock it! There's really no point in trying to "fix" it, because after a nap or a ride in her car seat it's right back where it was.

She loves her sisters something fierce

Such a sweet sweet snuggle bunny

She's starting to figure out her hands and get her toys in to her mouth.  Her hands and fists are constantly in her mouth.

She still wants nothing to do with a nuk or a bottle

The baby babble is becoming more and more every day.  She kind of hums herself to sleep.

On a perfect day she wakes up after 7am.  Naps from 9-11, 1-3, 430-5:15 and Bed at 6:30pm

 Sally wanted to take a picture, this was her Mama getting her to smile
 "Hey, wait Big Sisters, I'm almost done with my photo shoot, can I come play too?"

She's one big bundle of joy! Really, so easy going.  When she is awake she's happy as can be hanging in her bouncy seat, bumbo chair, activity mat, swing, singing songs with her Mama, reading books with her big sisters or snuggling with her daddy.

Happy 4 months Sweet Baby Girl, it has been so fun to watch you change and grow! We love you so very very much!

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