Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A little bit of this & a little bit of that

Sorry for being absent.  We sent our computer in to get a little check up and pick me up.  Have you been to Microcenter? I was VERY impressed!! I'd highly recommend it.  We will go back for sure.

Nice to know there isn't anything major wrong with our computer, just old age mostly.  Glad I didn't miss anything I could have "fixed" on my own :)

So any way, here are a bunch of pictures of what we've been up to mostly:

Enjoy their new Highlights magazine from Grandma and George.  I still remember getting those as a kid...they haven't changed :)

 Oh sweet baby girl, how I cannot soak up your sweetness enough during the days.  How are you already almost 5 months?! How?!

 Total 3rd child, letting her suck on big sister's animal cracker
 My Monkey made a Monkey at school.  Still so very thankful for Delores coming over on Libby's school days so Emma can still get her morning nap and Mama gets a quick hour to run errands or work out!
 Having to eat the crust is just so terrible, isn't it?
 Moments later, totally fine.  She's loving her new quiet time with Mommy before nap time.  It's anywhere from 2-15 minutes where we read quietly before nap.  I solved my "CRAZY AFTER SCHOOL RUSH"  It was always so crazy when Sally would get off the bus.  Everyone seemed to need me all at once.  I solved this problem by putting Libby down later, thus allowing Sally and I to have about 15-30 minutes of just she and I before craziness resumes :)
 This girl and her wild and crazy hair!
 Daddy lived up to his promise and took the day off last week.  I told him to take a random day in the middle of the week to make up for his crazy work hours a couple weekends ago.  He got to see Libby's school and Mommy got an afternoon to herself.  We even went out for an early dinner where kids eat free.  The girls were so so so well behaved.

We continue to fall more and more in love with our family of 5, it is just so much fun.  I've sent numerous text and made the comment a multiple of times, that I feel bad for the families who don't get a chance to experience 3 kids.  Sure there are times when it's crazy, but the joy and abundance of love is just amazing.  I know this sounds sappy and crazy, but I'm completely serious, I am so in love with our family and how much fun it is!  The dynamic between the oldest and the youngest is something you don't get to experience with just two kiddos.  I dunno, it's just magical.  Insert heart exploding with love :)
 It certainly helps that Emma is such a happy content little lady
 Sooooo, this happened the other day.  I'm kind of surprised it's taken this long.  Oldest realized someone left the kid scissors out and well, she took a little snip snip and put the hair behind the garbage in the basement.  The weird thing is, it's quite a bit, yet I cannot find where on her head she's missing this hair.  She might be getting her hair cut short as a punishment...we'll see :)
 We met up with Amanda and two of her kiddos at a fun Tot Time in Hopkins! Libby loved it and Emma was mistaken for a doll, "She just looks so pretty and perfect and she wasn't moving, it took me so long to decide if she was real or not."
 I'm surprised it's taken us this long to do this...
 Sometimes we do showers before dinner.  Daddy "hid" the comb in Libby's hair, when she realized it, she thought it was so funny
 Emma was showing signs of being ready to try some food.  For some reason I always feel guilty about introducing this before 6 months.  Each baby I think to myself, I'll be able to hold them off until 6 months, but then the signs start showing and my pediatrician has always given us the go ahead.  To make myself feel "better" I thought, well, I do have almost 10lbs babies, so the weight they are at now, is probably still higher than what most babies are at at 6 months, maybe that's why they are interested earlier?  Who knows.  At any rate, Sweet Girl LOVED it.  All smiles, and she acted like she's been eating it for weeks (can't really say years when she's only almost 5 months old)  We only doing the oatmeal for now and mixing it with my milk and only at dinner.  No reason to rush.

I'm quite surprised with how well she's doing with it since she's so opposed to taking the bottle!

 Thanks for the cute bib Christensen Family
 Girls were proud to have helped shop and prepare Sunday night's dinner
 She loves her extra 10-15 minutes each night with her big sister and little sister already sleeping.  She likes to make up directions, "If the kid sees the dad's cards, then she has to miss a turn."
 Mastering the grab and bring to mouth
 C-Mile Sisters, our brown eyed beauties.  Sally's picture idea :)
 When Sally got off the bus today, she insisted on playing outside.  Once Libby woke up she wanted to join her.

It has been so fun to see their relationship continue to blossom and grow.  The more Sally learns to play with others at school the better she's able to play with her sister at home.  Their imaginations are so fun to watch.  I'm loving less fighting and more playing.  Soooooooooo looking forward to the Spring Weather headed our direction!!

Happy Hump Day!  Tomorrow just MIGHT be the last cold day of our winter??? Could we be so lucky??

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