Wednesday, March 18, 2015

C-Mile Sisters

The C-Mile Sisters remembered their green yesterday.  Their Great Grandpa Moran would have been proud, he was 100% Irish!

Snuggles before heading off to school! The Girls' socks come straight from Ireland, a gift from Nana and Grandpa's trip earlier this Fall.

 L is ready for school too!
 She wanted to show her hat she made and school and get a picture with Emma too. Daddy added Emma's green bow all on his own
 You guys, during my morning run, you'll never guess what I saw crossing the busy street during the morning rush to work....TURKEYS! How crazy is that?

For once, all 3 sisters were awake and I got a couple of pictures, and they weren't even in their jammies....for some reason almost every picture I have of the 3 of them, they are in their jammies :)
 "Mom, take a picture of us Kissing Emma."  *Emma's thinking, I'll show them!*
 She grabbed on to one of Sally's pigtails and gave a good pull.  The girls thought it was so funny!

Her bib says it all.  Nana and Grandpa just knew that this 3rd Baby would be a good one.  Another gift from their Ireland trip, but this was purchased before Emma was born :)

This morning while Emma was taking her morning nap, Libby and I got a chance to go visit Great Grandma Bea and then we even made it to Sally's all school Mass. Perks of the hubs being around.

Libby enjoyed the water bubble wall that changes colors :)

Happy Hump Day!

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