Monday, March 16, 2015

Emerdos is 5 months!

This sweet little thing said Peace out to 4 months and the hogwash of her sleep regression. She's rocking life at 5 months. I think the only time she cries is when she doesn't have someone to smile at. I'm not exaggerating
She loves her Mama and knows when she's not near her.  She's benefited the most from her extra time with Daddy.  They have really bonded.  She starts flapping her arms and the biggest smile on her face the moment she spots her Daddy.

Her big sisters think that her latest trick, doing "raspberries" with her tongue, is the funniest thing.

Her green minky blanket is her favorite and she knows if we're trying to trick her with a replacement while the real one gets a quick wash.

She loves to sit cheek to cheek and will hang out like that for as long as you can last. Her eyes are so curious, I would love to know what her brain is processing or what angels she is watching.  She's mastered the grab and bring to mouth.  Her favorite toy is a silly green face with two round ears that she can gnaw and gnaw and gnaw.  She loves to stand up!

Her hair is out of this world, and pointless to contain.  She rocks it, it just adds to her sweet personality.  She has only been needing rice cereal for dinner and we've tried some sweet potatoes {love} and peas {gag}.  

She sleeps 12-13hrs each night, only waking once.  She naps usually twice a day totaling 4-5 hours {see? peace out sleep regression....gah, I hope I didn't just jinx us}

She's our sweet little bugaboo and we love her so!

Happy 5 months, Sweet Baby Girl, you continue to be a Gem of a baby. Thank you for all of the joy and love you bring to our little family!

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