Monday, March 30, 2015

We've been enjoying

Libby's First visit to the dentist!  She did great, they were very impressed with her! Lucky little lady always has her big sister to pave the road for her, so she knows what to expect.  Libby has been tagging along to Sally's dentist visits since she was just a newborn! Sally was upgraded to the middle chair as she doesn't need her Mom as close any more :)
She jumped up on the chair like she had been doing it for years! She was so proud :)
Both girls were cavity free, yahoo!
Sally loved filling out her Spring Break Journal, I loved reading and seeing the pictures :)
"went on an adventure and it was fun" the picture is of our hotel
"Went to St. Philips and Father Don was the priest" Picture of Father Don :)
"swam like a fish and went home." Picture of her swimming with her goggles on
"Went to pump it up and it was fun" Picture of the big colorful slide
"Went to the dentist and I had no cavities" The picture gets me every time :)
"went to Edinborough park and it was fun" picture of the stairs and the yellow tunnel
"went to the fish fry and the fish were good" Picture of the fish, green beans, mac n cheese, lemonade, napkin, spoon and fork :)

I forgot to take pictures of Saturday and Sunday.  For Saturday she wrote about getting doughnuts with Daddy.  For Sunday she wrote about going to Mass and getting Palms, she drew a picture of the crucifix, that I need to remember to take a picture of when I get the journal back.  Definitely tugged at the heart!

Sally got to go to after school care for 2 days during spring break.  She asked if she could go the whole week, so we compromised on two days.  She loved it!

The girls (and Mommy and Daddy) have been addicted to the Live DNR Eagle Cam! So cool, I love technology!
We met Kari, Haddie and Aubrey for a play date Friday morning, the girls had a great time!
 Our 5 little ladies!

Daddy had a day with his girls on Saturday.  Mommy had a baby shower brunch for Baby Welle, Saturday morning!

How can you tell that Reid is a dad of daughters? :)

Sleeping beauty, her green minky is a MUST, I've tried fill ins...she knows!
Libby fell off the couch when she was trying to reach something Sally had, Sally felt really bad about it all and ran downstairs to make this for Libby.

"Dear Libby.  I'm sad that you fell off the couch.  I hope that you feel better soon.  From: Sally"
The back :)

Last year for Kari's birthday I got her a gift certificate to Brush Studio.  Shortly after we were both pregnant, so we kept putting it off until we could enjoy a glass of wine or two while we painted.  It was so worth the wait!! We had so many giggles and fun times throughout our class!

Afterward we headed for a late night dinner of Sushi, our favorite! Thank you to our husbands for holding down our forts back home and taking good care of our girls so we could enjoy ourselves!  It was a top notch night, and maybe a little too much wine as I was a little sluggish all day Sunday, but it was so worth it! Love you Kar!
Libby finally cashed in her gift card from Meggers from Valentine's Day.  Reid was so proud, I let her pick her play-doh and didn't say a word.  She did a great job of sharing it with Sally.  Thankfully it was nice enough that they could play it outside.  They sat for an hour playing so nicely!! Of course all of the colors were mixed by the end...doesn't do well for my OCD ;)
Ugh, I could just eat this girl up.  She is just so dang cute and  happy and lovable! She has started making the cutest little noises and talking, I could go on and on about this little one, we love her so!

Happy Happy Holy Week!

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  1. OMG! She looks just like you did at this age! First time I've really seen it!!