Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SaLibMa Adventure

Sally, Libby, Emma = SaLibMa...creative Daddy :)

As we were planning our Florida celebration trip for Daddy completing his MBA, we thought we should also plan a little celebration that the girls could be involved in.  We decided to head up to Berrrmidji to visit Father Don and stay at a hotel with a fun pool and splash pad.  Little did we know how awesome this adventure would be.

The girls were unbelievably perfect.  We didn't know what to expect with all 5 of us sleeping together in the same room, one of us still waking in the middle of the night ;)  Our hotel did offer a neat room option of two Queen beds and a set of bunk beds.  We exhaled when the first night all 3 girls went down without a hitch.  We exhaled again when we all made it to 7am.  And then the second night was even better than the first night and we didn't even know there was room for improvement :)

We headed out Saturday morning

From time to time it still blows my mind that we have 3 kids, 3 beautiful girls!

Excited to get started on her Spring Break Journal
 So in to her movie...allowing her baby sister to sleep :)
 Lunch and bathroom stop!
 Sally's turn to watch a movie, she wanted to get the full effect
 Reading magazines
 Crushin' Zzz's....such a good little traveler
 Passing on Grandpa Joe's rules of entering your hotel room ;) We had already been swimming for a bit while we waited for our room to be ready.

Good Shepherd Catholic School!
 Dinner at Nana and Grandpa's favorite pizza place from when they were in college at Bemidji State!
 Breakfast time!

 C-Mile Sisters! Big girls ready to hit the pool with Mommy while Emma naps before heading to Mass
 Little did we know Father was able to create his whole homily message around a little line he had heard from Reid.  Libby was standing on the side of the pool and Reid was encouraging her to jump in.  "I'll catch you. I promise."  Just like we need to have Faith in the Lord.  He'll catch us, He promises, always.  We were pretty much the VIP's at Mass ;)  The girls thought it was pretty awesome to know the Priest!!

Yummy doughnuts before getting a tour of the church, school and Father Don's place!
 Kisses for Daddy
 Kisses for Emers
 So incredibly grateful for this friendship!!

 She took a 3 hour nap...she loves the blankets by her face, hey, whatever works ;)
 Getting ready for her first swim!
 Giggles while waiting for the elevator
 We didn't have many pictures of swimming as most of the time either Reid or I was down swimming while the other was up in the hotel room while Emma slept.  We have so many fun memories!!

 First toe dip.  She didn't bat an eye. She even went in the hot tub (it wasn't much hotter than her bath temp) and then back in the pool and she didn't even fuss.  Maybe we'll have another water baby like Sally!
 Daddy's girls

 Love the leg cross
 Daddy's turn
 Silly jumps
 Silly faces...for those less daring ;)
 Little Fish swimming the entire length of the pool!

 The big girls got to go with Daddy to pick up our take-out dinner.  They thought it was so funny to see Emma and I waving at them from the window
 Libby's awesome towel from our neighbors
 Quick morning cartoons while Mommy and Daddy got ready for the pool....3rd child...
 Posing (Sally's standing on the frog, it's kind of hard to see), they had this awesome splash pad on the other side of the pool.  The girls didn't use it as much as we thought, but it was still pretty cool!
 A little chilly at first
 You know it was a successful trip when 30 minutes in to your drive home all 3 girls are snoring :)

Bathroom break/Emma needs to eat ;)

Thank you Father, for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang with us! Thank you for the awesome conversations and dinner, but most importantly, thank you for your wonderful friendship.  We appreciate you!!

Hip Hip Hooray to awesome little travelers and future SaLibMa Adventures!


  1. I love following along on your family's adventures! Your girls are absolutely adorable! :)


    1. Thanks Julie! I hope you're doing well, I love following your blog as well!! :) One of these times when we come to visit family in Kansas, we'll have to arrange a coffee date or something!