Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Big Changes are on the Horizon for the Craigmile Crew.  Reid was affected by the 1700 layoffs at Target.  Now, before you get all worried about us, don't you fret, in the end this will be a Blessing and the timing could not have been more perfect.  All part of God's big plan for us, we just have to trust in Him.

We have been enjoying our extra dose of Daddy and our extra dose of Sunshine, this week's weather was beautiful!!  Each morning Libby was able to get outside and each afternoon all 3 girls were able to play outside before dinner.  Ahhhhhhhh to be able to spread out, more than just the four walls of our house does wonders!!

Happy Little Jumping Jelly Bean!  This girl loves to stand.  Her big sisters had wet noodles for legs until they were about one, so it's a little different than what we're use to.

 First daytime walk! Libby loved being able to ride her bike

and of course found the biggest and dirtiest puddle {lake!} to tip over in.  Seriously, it smelled like dog poop and swamp water.  Thank goodness for her basket, she was able to put her soaking mittens in there and then wear Mommy's mittens the rest of the way home.  At least she didn't cry, and she still kept right on biking :)
 2 thumbs up for being a champ!
 Wearing Mommy's mittens
 Her middle name should have been Sassafras
 "Hexing" things
 Mommy got to sneak away and meet Olive, she's as precious and petite as she looks! Congrats Breunig Family, we're so happy for you all!
 I also got to sneak away Wednesday night for a much needed Mommy date night.  Kari has been through the stomach flu and influenza A at her house, so she needed some time away to recharge :) We also got to celebrate her birthday early.  Happy Birthday (yesterday), Kari! Love you, Sisterfriend!
 Carrying her animals in her princess dress, like Mommy carries Emma in the Ergo
 Sally got to pet a piglet at school this week! They're learning all about Farming and Farm animals :)  She finished her last Saturday morning basketball practice and continues to blow us away with her reading!!  She's also loving the freedom of playing outside when she gets home from school.  Makes me wonder how she was able to survive coming home in the dead of winter and not being allowed to run and run and run and run :)

She agreed to get her hair cut...5 inches off!!

Reid grabbed Emma to play hide and seek with Sally.  I kept laughing so hard because he would pop just Emma out from behind the tree when Sally wasn't looking.  I pretended to take a picture of Sally, can you find Emma? The cutest little photobomber :)

Just like riding a bike...

Happy Weekend Ya'll!

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