Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring has Sprung in SLP

We enjoyed a good dose of Vitamin D this weekend! We're coming out of hibernation and quite excited about it.  We even grilled tonight :)

Penguin Butt

Our friends the Breunig Family added a 3rd girl to their crew! We are so excited to welcome Olive Rose! In a few short years we can have our own girls basketball team, 6 girls between our 2 families!

 "I'm so Fancy..."
 Thank you Mother Nature for the early warm up, we are very excited and welcome you with open arms!
 The Craigmile Crew...Emma needs to work on her selfie skills ;)
 My sweet little Bugaboo
 Getting ready to help Daddy grill!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here's to a great week!

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