Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Holy Week

Happy Holy Thursday! I hope your Lent was all that you hoped it to be and that you have a blessed Holy Week, leading up to Easter!

This sunshine sure has been glorious!

Cute little lady excited to go back after Spring Break, but also excited for Easter to arrive :)

 The tulips are popping up!
 Loves her some Vitamin D!
 "Thank you God for the sunshine today"

 Emma's bedtime stories, fun picture that Daddy snuck
 We had a fun play date the other day! Crazy that there are 3 kiddos from this bunch missing :)
 Biggest Sister and Littlest Sister a very special bond they already have!

I love that she grabbed her hair and Sally said "Ouch! But that's Ok Emma, I know you're just learning!"

She loves her extra bonding time she's been having with Daddy.  Big big giggles from her as of late! Not sure how much longer we'll have our main man around at home.  The ball has definitely started to get rolling.  I'll keep you posted when there are definite things to share, but just letting you know we're all good on that front.  Thank you for the continued prayers :)
Blessings to you and yours on this Easter Season!

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