Thursday, April 16, 2015

Emma's Half a Year!!

Ummmmmmm what?

No way Mom, you're kidding

Hey Check it out guys, my mom said I'm 6 months old today!

Seriously the sweetest, content, happiest baby girl there ever was, take a look at her "photo shoot..."and see for yourself

 Thumbs up for a healthy baby girl!

15lbs 7oz--40%

25.5 inches--42%


 Just like her big sisters she is "slow to roll" but quick to chat and smile
 She loves being on her tummy, especially while sleeping
 She decided she actually does love peas (gagged, last month), prunes (of all things!), yogurt and Mum Mums...there really isn't anything she doesn't like
  She naps 4-5 hours total during the day.  Sleeps 12-13 hours at night, waking usually only once
 Certainly has loved being outside more and taking in all of the new sights.  Earlier this week we took a walk to the park with Libby and Emma babbled the entire time, she was very happy!
 You didn't really want this to stay on here, right mom? It just makes you sad how quickly I'm growing.  I'll just go ahead and erase that for you
 She continues to stop people in their tracks because of all of her beautiful hair and then she gives them a big toothless grin and they think she's the most adorable little baby ever...yep yep she is!
 Curious eyes
 Loves her big sisters
 And boy do they love her!!
Emma Jean Craigmile, you are such a gem! We love you to pieces sweet girl! Thank you for allowing us to soak up your sweetness! You light up our days!  Happy Happy Half Birthday Sweetheart!

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