Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

He has Risen!

Good Friday we dyed Easter Eggs.  While we were waiting for them to dry we listened to "Were you there" one of my favorites, but also a tear jerker

We headed up to Nana and Grandpa's Saturday morning.  We were on the road by 8:15...that's got to be a record!!

Making chocolate nest cookies

 Playing with Gramps

 Grandma and George stopped over for a visit too, but we were too busy to get any pictures.

Saturday dinner, Emma was snoozing
 The Velveteen Rabbit, bedtime story
 We got to see Joan, Lee and Alaina for a bit, Alaina was so sweet with Libby. Sally and Emma were already sleeping

I thought it was so sweet that Sally wanted to leave out her favorite Peter Rabbit stuffed bunny so the Easter Bunny could see it.  Libby borrowed one of Nana's so she could be like her big sister
 "Dear Peter Enjoy your carrots and water. Thank you, Sally"
 We made it to 8am Mass and powered through to get some photos when we got home
Our 3 little bunnies
 Love our Family

 The gift from the Easter Bunny was a big hit! {Thanks for the idea Auntie Jenny ;)}
No, that's not a serial killer, Reid likes to be silly with his hats and jackets when he's home

Blast off!

 Middle Bunny's turn
 Love her!
Libby loved racing the cars!
 Sally asked if she could take a picture of Emma and I
 K, Mom, give her a kiss

Daddy's turn to get a picture
 A picture of me as a baby...some similarities?

Emma's first Easter
 She was talking to the bunny

 Her Easter Egg
 Libby helping crack the eggs, she got a little excited...
 Love this picture of Emma and Nana
 Reid got to go through a few of his things in his closet.  We found this (my dad's business card) in my dad's old racquetball bag

Sally surprised Nana and asked if she could try and read the bedtime book.  She ended up reading the whole thing, no problem, having never seen or heard the story before.

Libby got to have a turn too.  She made sure to hold the book so Sally could see it too

We stayed through Monday, Sally had some fun in the dress up bin

Thank you Nana and Grandpa for a wonderfully relaxing Easter Weekend!  We love and appreciate all that you do for us, we're very grateful!!

Happy Easter Ya'll

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