Friday, April 17, 2015

We've been Enjoying!

I don't get to my computer very often these days. Too nice outside and the hubs has been hogging it ;)

Here's what we've been enjoying lately:

Story time brought to you by our big reader, Sally

Beautiful little selfies

 Coming home from a solo Target run to find this greeting!

 I mean seriously, she might as well be 18 and heading off to college.  Loving trying out the sippy cup, and Libby being as sweet as can be!
 Whale spout hair and excersaucer
 Sally's drawings
 "Duck tails" we really should have submitted her to the MN Hockey Hair thingy
 Morning Sisters, such a special 15 minutes we have each morning before the bus comes

Last Saturday it was a beautiful morning and Kari and I got to run in the Goldy's 5K run.  Reid and the girls dropped us off and cheered for us! It was so much fun!

 We lucked out and saw them during part of the race, we thought we'd only see each other at the very end
 Hangin' with the Gearman boys as they waited for Laura to finish the 10 mile!
  You finish the race on the 50 yard line, so fun!
 one, two, three....still gets me sometimes!
 Sweat Sister, Sisterfriends! We enjoyed a lovely little brunch at PT where Andy and the little Martinson ladies met up with us!

 Emma was even rocking her Gopher Gear!

Saturday night we went to the Gala for Sally's school.  It was a great event, so impressed with the generosity of so many of the families! Love one of our sitters, as she always leaves out art projects for us that she does with the girls!

Knowing the girls were in good hands we were able to stop at our friends' house for a drink and fill them in on the events of the Gala since they weren't able to make it, having just had their 3rd girl a few weeks ago :)
After Mass, doughnut faces :)
 Walking on sunshine, baby feet
 Enjoying the rays!
 Loving her outside time in the stroller
 We love our Mondays when the sun is shining and we have the park to ourselves!
 Happy Happy
 Daddy loving all of the Cardinals around the house
 Mommy being able to take advantage of Daddy being home.  Was able to go out with a good friend to a "Mom Enough" event and then we continued the evening with a drink at Crave, we even got to sit outside the weather was so nice.

I didn't get any pictures, but we were able to make it up to Saint Cloud to see Meggers and meet sweet baby Bennett! Praying for you this weekend, Bennett, as you get baptized!

Yesterday, I was able to be a chaperone on Sally's field trip. So fun watching her with her friends and the love of learning
 Can't believe her Kindergarten year is almost over and she's almost turning 6!!

Happy Happy Day! Happy Weekend!

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