Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Happy

Go Wild!  Emma grew out some great hockey hair for the playoffs ;)

Uncle Joey got to see the big win on Sunday!

Seriously can't get enough of this sweet little munchkin, as you'll see in the picture overload from this post.  Constantly trying to capture her sweet and adorable faces :)

 Do you think school tires her out? It was a rainy afternoon, so they got to watch a Tinkerbell Show
 I surprised Sally for lunch the other day, can't believe her Kindergarten year is almost complete :(
 The 3 little piggies, in their upcoming 3 Piggy Opera :)
 Mrs. Piggy and one of her little piglets :)
 More happy faces

 Saturday morning swimming!

 Beautiful Sunshine!! Mama chopped her hair!
 Special times with Father Don! He came to Mass with us and was able to spend all of Sunday with us! Cherished Memories!

 Libby was excited about her "new to her" princess shirt!
 Catching some rays!

 Mommy's first ever attempt at a french braid, go big or go home ;)
 Brushing Emma's hair to the opposite side :)

Happy Hump Day, Ya'll!

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