Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

After many prayers and no sleepless nights, (truly, we kept the faith) Reid has accepted a job offer.  He will be a Senior Manager Home Delivery at Best Buy, starting in a few weeks.  He pushed his start date back so that he could have a handful of days to decompress.  We so appreciate all of the emails, phone calls, text and messages with prayers, and support.  Thank you thank you!

We also thought it might be a good time to get some house projects done around the house, so that we can complete them during the middle of the week, instead of taking up precious weekend time.  Gramps even came down to help us out, and a huge help he has been!

Wagon Ride to look for Cardinals

 Birthday Boy with his favorite food
 The Craigmile Crew, celebrating Big Pops' 30th!

 Reid also had an offer from Walgreens, that would have relocated us to Illinois.  We took it very seriously.  He even went out to tour around the area and see the company facilities.

When he was out in Illinois I was brought back to the grad school days that aren't too far gone.  A little bit easier with Emma being a little older.  This was a moment when I had to stop for a minute to really realize we really do have 3 beautiful daughters, three!

 Helping Delores in her garden, Libby takes it very seriously. Such wonderful memories for our girls, their special relationship with Delores
 This weather has just been glorious!
 We had a little dance party after our lunch outside
 Sally didn't have school last Friday.  We had talked about for some time that we were going to go to Sky Zone as an early birthday celebration.  It was pretty fun as we had the place to ourselves, other than one other little girl, who happened to be one of Sally's classmates :)
 Lots of action so the pictures are a little blurry

We had a double date night with Kari and Andy to celebrate Reid turning 30 and getting a new job!

 Great food and Wonderful Friends!
 Night Cap
 This little lady popped her two bottom teeth! Who's child is she? Earliest teether yet!  Still pretty happy, though!
 We got to celebrate William's 1st Communion on Saturday!
 How sweet is he?!

 Love my handsome Godson!
 William is such a great oldest brother and cousin, he's so great to the young ones.  All eyes on William as he opens his gifts
 All the kids found a spot in the shade and were reading books to one another, it was so sweet

 One of our Targets added the Kiddie Carts to their store, the girls were pretty excited! Extra Special helpers for Daddy!
 Libby did this all on her own the other day.  Sweet sweet girl
 Sally's school had an end of the year party at the Roller Garden.  It was Sally's first time rollerblading.  She did pretty well.  She had two great helpers that loved skating with her!
 Doing the hokie pokie
 Sally was a big winner and was picked for the first door prize.

Great role models for this little lady
 Playing a few arcade games.  This brought me back to when I was a little girl.  We used to go to dinner at the local mall and we would get a handful of quarters to go to the arcade and then my mom and dad got to have a peaceful little date while we were off playing games :)

 Big winner, she got 75 tickets from one of the games.  She has strawberry lip gloss to show for it

 Daddy hung with Emmers while I helped Sally and Libby skate.  It was a pretty even trade ;)
 The first tulip popped up! I don't think we'll have as many as last year as some of the bunnies have chewed through the fence
 One of Daddy's great ideas with one of our projects.  We were spray painting some of our hardware and instead of holding each screw he poked them through the top of a box.  And to think he didn't even see it on pinterest :)
 Out with the red kitchen and in with the new.  We had a little fun while doing it :)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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