Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit Of That

A while back we celebrated National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day :)

 Sally and Libby were invited to Izzy's 4th Birthday party, and had a great time!

 Happy Birthday, Izzy!
 Some pictures from Nana's camera when they were here the other weekend

 C-Mile Sisters!
 Bubble Blowing

 Me and my baby girl
 Sally and Mae after Sunday Mass
 The Big Girls got to go to Perkins with Nana and Jane!

Last Friday, Sally went on a field trip to the Children's Museum.  She got to paint her own face, she chose a kitty
 Singin' Sunshine before bedtime
 The Dino theme has stuck from Izzy's birthday party.  The girls love to play dinosaurs and hatch from their eggs.  Even Emma gets in on it
 Sunday afternoon was a rainy day, so we had a movie day! We watched Big Hero 6, so cute!
 Emma didn't get to watch the movie, but she did sit up like a big girl, all by herself for a half hour!
 Monday, Memorial Day, we went bowling.  Libby seems to be getting bigger and bigger right before my eyes.
 She insisted on moving the ramp all by herself each time.  Love her little calves :)
 Sally, rockin' her 'Merica shirt for Memorial Day :)

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend!

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