Sunday, May 24, 2015

Emma's 7 months!

These pictures were taken on the date she turned 7 months.  Getting around to post them is another story :)

She's still happy for the most part.  Unless a stranger comes near her, or someone's really loud and in her face {except Uncle Joey, she always loves Uncle Joey!}.  She doesn't like to see you leave the room.  She really loves her Daddy!

She has 2 bottom teeth and what seems like many more coming on top.  She rolls from front to back all of the time.  Especially in the middle of the night.  But, she likes to sleep on her tummy so Mama's getting a little tired as of late.  Ooof. Feel free to learn how to roll from back to tummy anytime, sweet girl!

Her sisters are still obsessed with her.

She continues to have the best craziest hair.

"hey mom, I'm gonna go ahead and erase your chalk, is that ok?"

She does a great job taking 2 naps each day.

Loves to kick and splash in the bath.  Loves to be outside and look around.

Loves to eat anything and everything, especially if it's big girl food.  She even tried a brat the other day :)  Libby loves to feed her cheese and fruit while I get our lunches ready.

Continues to be pretty calm and content.

She has a new nickname of Petrie.  From Land Before Time.  She "sqwaks" like a baby dino :)  It's a happy little way she communicates.

At the Doc for some makeup shots...clearly this was the before shot.  Although, she did a pretty great job!

aaaaaand that's the last of her size 2 diapers, movin' on up to size 3 :)

Happy 7 months, Sweet Emmer Dos! We love you so!

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