Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Mr. MBA

Reid had his official graduation ceremony last Monday.  Makes no sense to me.  Graduation, on a Monday at 9am.  It's graduation for grad school, more than a handful of the graduates have full time jobs.  Whatevs, it was a great time and I'm really glad I encouraged him to walk.  It made us so much more proud of his accomplishment.

And the visual of his girls greeting him when it was all said and done was a dream come true.  To put it in perspective, he started studying for his GMAT when Sally was two years old.  He finished his first semester of Grad School when Libby was born.  He completed his MBA when his THIRD daughter turned 2 months old.  He started a new job the same day he celebrated his MBA graduation. What a ride!!

We're so very proud of you, Reid!!

Thankful that Nana and Grandpa were able to get there early to get good spots for us.  Not easy getting out of the house by 815am with 3 kiddos and make yourself look presentable as well :)

I circled Reid to help you find him :)

His Cheering Section

Reid's conversation with the lady sitting next him.  "See that lady walking down the steps with the dress on and the baby strapped to her? Yep, that's my wife and those are my 3 kids"

All the girls did great, especially Emma, since it was right during her morning nap.

Daddy's turn!

Picture of him on the stage and the big screen
 Almost to his diploma
 Accepting his diploma
 He did it!

 The big greet!
Emma was still sleeping...
 WE did it!
 So much love, support and prayers from his parents and my mom!

 I'm sure he appreciated this photo :)
 Emma woke up...kind of :)
 So proud of their Daddy!!

 LOVES her daddy!
 An Official Gopher Alum

The Craigmile Crew, ready to begin the next chapter

Reid had his first week under his belt at Best Buy.  After his first day, he said, "It just feels right."  He likes it and we're so glad.  Many many blessings!

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