Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oh Happy Day

Lots of Happy Days around here, celebrating Miss Sally!

 She wanted one too ;)

 Where does the time go?
 Birthday Breakfast!
 Scavenger hunt, her favorite birthday memories :)
 Her very own "cross over my body" purse
 Birthday Doughnuts!
 The Kindergarten Class puts on a "Three Piggy Opera" They presented it to the parents the morning of Sally's birthday {that's also why Sally's the only one out of uniform}. I knew Sally was the straw piggy and had a little extra part, but I didn't know it was an all out solo.  I cried, of course.

So incredibly proud of my brave girl, and she didn't even know there was anything to even be brave about.  Whatever the teachers are doing, they're doing it right!!

Proud of herself, as she should be!

 The straw pig and the brick house pig
 Mama Pig and her piglets, of course they just happen to be the best of friends as well :)
 So proud of my girl
 Fun memories!
 We kept Sally's birthday party nice and simple this year.  Bowling, Pizza, Cake {and beer for the adults}. We invited the Families of two of Sally's good friends from school.  It was an awesome time! We even had time to head across the street to finish the night off at the park.  We were missing two kiddos, otherwise we each have 3 kids per family (8 girls and 1 boy).
 May All your wishes come true, sweet girl
 The Dads, Taylor is missing his son Joe :)

 In my group of girlfriends, the Lizs were both pregnant, and both due the beginning of May.  They both went in to labor on the same day and one was transferred to the other's hospital, because her's was full.

Benny was the first to enter the world, on Wednesday, May 6th.  Congratulations Liz, Joe and Milo, he's absolutely perfect!

Miss Maria was next to enter the world on Thursday, May 7th!

Congratulations Liz and Christian, she's beautiful, I cannot wait to meet her!

 We enjoyed the sunshine on Saturday

Before bed, snuggles
 I had a wonderful day celebrating Mother's Day with my girls and hubby.  The girls allowed us to enjoy a great Mass Sunday morning, a relaxing afternoon and a delicious dinner at BWW.

How lucky am I?

Oh Happy Day, to you and to you!

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