Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hi, Hello, How are you?

My excuse for a 10 day absence is that Daddy was traveling last week...the coldest week of the year and he gets to go to California, lucky dude ;)

soaking up extra time with Daddy before he leaves
Girlfriend knows all of her letters!
 Enjoying her little tablet she got from Jane, so much learning, she loves it!!
 Totally normal view at the Craigmile Crew :)
 Happy Pants!! She has reached the age where I'm bursting with love and could just hug, snuggle and kiss her all day long!
 Rough gig for Daddy, huh?

Libby had her first day of "school" last week. It's just a little something for 1.5 hours twice a week.  She loves it....once I'm out of sight for a little bit.  The anticipation of the separation isn't going so well ;)  We also are thrilled that Delores has offered to hang back with Emma during these days so she can peacefully nap and not have to go out in the freezing cold!!  Makes for one happy Mama :)

 While Reid was gone, it was the coldest week of the year.  Schools were cancelling left and right, so I was prepping for what could have been a long next day....thankfully Sally still had school!! So appreciate that! Phew, dodged a bullet!
 Warm snuggles before catching the bus!  The mornings to get Sally out the door by 7:15 were the trickiest, Emma is a wild card in the morning waking anywhere between 6 and 8am to feed, when I'm solo that means Sally has to step it up, she did fabulous, each day got a little easier!
 Enjoying some play time, Libby was finding all of the toys :)

Minnesota Tough ;)

Looks pretty upset for having had to go to school, doesn't she? ;)

 Picture from the airplane Daddy was on

Our Little Eskimo!
 She picked out her outfit (thank you Grandma and George for the sweater), and her hair style :)
 Mama's treat on the last solo day.  We also had crazy back and forth communication with the company we used to have come and fix our fridge.  Long story short I'm pretty sure I got an extra 15% off because Emma was crying in the background.  They missed us so much they get to come back later this week to continue fixing whatever they thought they fixed...let's just say it sounds like an airplane is landing in our Kitchen each time the fridge turns on...oofta  Side note, it's not easy scheduling a technician when you're home with youngens.  They don't give you a specific time, what if I'm putting one down for a nap, or better yet, nursing the youngest!
 Sally is very excited that she got picked to do the second reading at her upcoming Kindergarten Mass.  It's a good thing we have a few weeks to practice, look at the words she gets to learn.  Don't worry, she had it down the THIRD time she read it.  Girl continues to amaze me with her intelligence!

 Guessssssssss what I got the other night
So excited to be a part of Joey and Emily's wedding! Fun times ahead, now excuse me while I hit the gym ;)
 Thankful for my girlfriends and our honest conversations we have! Love that we are all going through a similar stage together in life!  Our dessert Friday night after dinner.  Yum yum yum, we'll be back to Al & Alma's for sure!  Also thankful for the Hubs who gets thrown right back in to parenting when he gets home from his work trip.  All 3 on his own, no problemo...as long as mom gets home when the baby needs to eat ;)
 Introducing the Rock Out Sisters :)  It was so cute, they put on a little concert for us Sunday morning! (also thankful for the option of Saturday evening Mass, to enjoy two low-key weekend mornings)

 HEAT WAVE, it was above zero, so they wanted to go out and play!
 Yesterday Libby had her 3 year check up and Emma had her 3 month (what was suppose to be a 2 month, but we moved it to have them together).

I cannot believe that Libby is already 3!!! She was proud to move to the big girl scale and to get her eyes checked.

37 1/2 inches- 52%

Little lady is healthy and at the top of her charts for intelligence ;) I'll hopefully get another post in later this week with Emma's stats, as she turns 3 months on Friday, WHAT?!

 Deep breath in, deep breath out

I was amazed at her awesomeness in writing letters.  She did the whole alphabet after this video

Thanks for the new "kicks" Uncle Joey, I LOVE them!!

Have a great day ya'll!

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