Thursday, February 18, 2016

Special Person's Day

Libby got to celebrate Special Person's Day at school.  She invited Gramps to come.  They had a blast!

 Libby's Fabulous Teachers
 Then she got to have a special lunch date at Noodles
Thank you Gramps for taking the time to come down and make Libby feel extra special.  A day she'll never forget!
 Loving her creative Valentine's she received. (and Sally was home due to a fever and bad cold)
 Emma rocks the stairs both up and down
 I "caved" and brought her in, should have stuck to my motherly instinct because 4 hrs and the doctor and we left with the same information we entered with ;) No Strep and no influenza
 Lots of Go Fish and Old Maid

Happy Little Babe
 Late night fun with Snap Chat after Ash Wednesday Mass

 A favorite scene of my day, going to get the mail and little lady peeking over the door to smile and wave

Pictures from our Trivia Night Fundraiser

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