Friday, February 19, 2016

Girls Weekend 2016

We all made it, all 9 of us.  We have 11 kids and 2 more on the way, and we were all able to get away.  We may have all gotten a text at some point that someone had a fever or someone threw up, but it didn't happen Friday, so we were all able to make it :)

Lots of sillies, lots of girl talk, lots of snacks, a few therapy tears, lots of laughs and many memories to be cherished.

Thank you to our rockstar husbands for holding down the fort so we could all attend.

Lizzy and I busted out of town around 12:30

We made it!

Slowly but surely we all started trickling in.  We hit up Happy Hour and the awesome Walleye Cakes-num num

Cheers to Kristin making it and Blue Moon

Meggers arrived!

Welle added in on the fun!

Dangerous, have you tried? I love me some Rootbeer, can't even tell it's beer. ruh roh
 Waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive
 Pyramid/selfie-stick entertainment
 Daddy rocking it with 3, even though at one point one wasn't 100%, it rotated and is still going around.
 The rest of the crew arrived, Mandy came with gifts, matching Twin Cities Live Hats :)
 And then we made it across the street to the Legion and rocked the Karaoke and the dance floor and the cheap drinks

 Dancing it up

 Bundled up for the 5 steps home
 A much relaxed Saturday, with a 75 minute first ever facial, wonderful.  Thank you mom!  Eventually we made it out for some pizza and beer at Benson's, 7 steps away
 Missing Kristin!--ChumRatas!
 Daddy was Super Dad, got all 3 girls dressed and took all 3 to 8:45am Mass.  Emma was happy, just didn't like being put down for the picture.  They're even Valentine Dressed Appropriately, and No, I did not lay out clothes, he's totally capable

And then I came home and Emma was pissed at me for leaving and is still letting me know it as she's afraid I'll leave again.  And we all got a case of the bad colds.  Her 2 bottom molars are still making their way in.  Should be interesting how long I have to pay for it when Daddy and I get back from our upcoming trip...

The girls' Valentine's, not sure why the pictures won't rotate correctly

 Sally's words and creativity

If you're still searching for something extra for Lent, I would recommend this great little blog {Blessed is She}.  You can sign up for their daily devotions and/or follow them on instagram.

They also have a weekly background you can download for your phone or computer, thought that was a neat little idea

Happy Friday to you and you and you!

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