Wednesday, February 3, 2016

32, Yahoo!

I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday.  The spring-like weather certainly helped!!

Beautifully decorated Birthday Signs, a scavenger hunt and my birthday cup.  The girls were so excited and they were well behaved all day, it was a wonderful day.  Thanks to Reid for giving it his all, he did great!

I always insist on family pics on my day...oh LJ

I've been waiting to check out the cute little breakfast joint by morning, wine restaurant by evening that's downtown Victoria.  It didn't disappoint, we'll be back for sure! Love how all the spots in our cute little town are filled with other families with small children :)

The Eagle surprised us with some egg laying!! We're up to 3 eggs!

We made it out for a walk and played around a little bit.  Probably my favorite memory from the day.  So many giggles from each member of the fam )

My people

Emma was in a particularly extra good mood!

We got to run a few quick errands so I could finish up my project, tada...I think I might need to add one more frame

 Memories, I'll some day look back on fondly.  Busy little lady will finally sit for her bedtime book, she now demands it each night

My girls
 LJ took a great nap so she got to venture out with Daddy to get my favorite take-outs, Thai and Cold Stone!

Reid and I got to eat dinner, fireside, talk about Life, plan for our upcoming trip and then play cards {not his favorite, but knew he had to because it was my birthday :)}

Thank you for all of the phone calls, cards, gifts, text and messages, I felt the love :)

Life really does get better with time!


Meanwhile Uncle Joey and his team were whooping it up at Pond Hockey.  We planned ahead and went to Saturday night Mass so we could attend his games on Sunday.  THEY WON!!!

The weather was fabulous for the spectators, but terrible for the ice.

The girls and Reid were able to stay for the first two games.  We drove separately so Reid could take the girls home for naps if/when they kept winning :)

 Joey also won for cutest fans ;)
 After naps Daddy took the girls for a walk
 They spotted Cardinals

 Big Sisters cheering for their "little" Bro
 The trophy/Silver Scoop!
 Undefeated Champions!  They'll be back next year to defend :)

Happy February!

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