Friday, January 29, 2016

Days Go By

I've been thinking a lot about time as of late.  I think a lot of mothers do.  Your kids, literally grow up right before your eyes.  All of a sudden you realize how big they've gotten, even though you've been with them pretty much every waking moment of their lives.

I think, I think about it around this time of year, every year.  The winter doldrums.  The gloomy days, one seeping in to the next.

Emma's learning something new every single day, and I'm very aware, that at one point it was Sally learning that something new and then it was Libby learning that something new too.  Now #1 gets on a bus to go to school every day.  She's signing up for things like Junior Great Books and I'm driving her to Thursday night basketball practice.  In no time, #2 will be joining #1 on the bus and #3 will be going to dance class, or something of the sort.

They're getting older and time is passing by.  I'm more aware of how quickly the time is going since we're in 3 very different stages with each of the girls, but I remember #1 being in each of the stages like it was yesterday.

Time, it's not a terrible thing, just something to cherish and cherish we do.

I love my days, the hard, the boring, the eventful, the silly, the lazy, the busy, the wonderful days, I do really love them.  Each one the same, yet very different.

K, that's all for now.  Here are some ordinary pictures, that someday I'll look back on and smile fondly and remember the simple ordinary moments I got to share with my girls every single day.

Creative sisters, always using their imaginations for something.  Their Boart, a boat and a fort

Crafting...stay tuned for the final product, just happy the spray paint took to the frame

 A new favorite activity while we watch out the window for Sally's bus

 Thursday night basketball practice, #20 is our girl
 Little Miss in to anything and everything and leave a trail behind her

 Kids and tampons, I swear there is some sort of magnetic force they can find each other no matter what
 Uncle Joey is playing in the big pond hockey tournament this weekend.  We met up with Auntie Jenny and Katherine and Bobby to cheer him on.  They won their first two games! Thankful for the warmer temperatures!
 Uncle Joey's Fan Club!

Happy Weekend! Happy last few days of January! Have you noticed it's getting darker a little bit half full!


  1. Awesome words of perspective, Jackie! For those reading the blog today, blog writer Jackie is enjoying her birthday today. Whoop, whoop!!!