Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

I'm not so good at this blogging thing anymore...

Here's what we've been up to as of late:

Photo booth pictures from Libby's Pre-School Night

Libby had her 4 year well visit and Emma had her 15 month.  We continue to be blessed with Healthy Girls!

Libby's Stats
Height: 40.25 inches- 58%
Weight: 37 lbs- 64%

Emma's Stats
Height: 29.5 inches- 22%
Weight: 21 lbs- 21%
Head: 46.9cm- 78%

They're both consistent with their percentiles and Emma is our littlest one yet, and also our busiest

They were excited we were in the "eagle picture" room

Libby's ABC's, not sure what's up with her S, she doesn't usually write it like that :)

I finally convinced myself to give Sally some new letters for her room and I completed them...

Emma is loved:


We had a fun Double Date with Kari and Andy last weekend.  It's been long overdue, we had to cancel our last one because peeps were sick.

We went to dinner and then drinks and then bowling and then dessert, it was great fun!

Friends that bowl together, stay together

 Husband and wifey :)
 If only Reid would open his eyes :) He was wiped out from bowling the best game of his life...

Sally had her first scrimmage Saturday morning, she did pretty well! Fun to see her start getting the hang of things, and understanding Offense and Defense :)
 Joey's going on a Ski Trip to Colorado in a few weeks.  He asked his sisters if they would go skiing with him, so he could get in some practice before his trip.  Jenny had too busy of day, next time!  We had fun at Afton Alps!

I think the last time I skied was in Deer Valley in 2003...kind of like riding a bike.  :)

 Daddy took the Bigs skating Sunday after Mass.

Snapchat sillies :)
 Have I posted this before?  Her new favorite, to throw things down the stairs and then pretend she's going to get them

These 2 have quite the connection


3 sisters, playing nicely together.  Daddy was cheering for his cousin Dave, as he coached the Memphis Grizzlies
 It's a big deal when Daddy---Bob/Jim??? Nicknames the bigs have given Reid, I guess


Big Hugs for BP!

Happy Last week in January, sheeesh, where did that month go?

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